Valentine’s Day

Can you guys believe Valentine’s Day is in 10 days?! I feel like January just started! Anyway, what are you getting yourself for Valentine’s Day? HAHAHAHAHA! That’s how it works over here. I know it’s not romantic, but it’s the way we roll. I’m OK with it for now, and he’s OK with it for now- so it works! Anyway, I digress. Nordstrom asked me to check out their jewelry for Valentine’s gift ideas, and I remembered  that I am in major need of a new pair of everyday earrings and statement earrings. I seem to wear the same pair over and over again. I love my gold hoops (you know I do, because you see them in every post), but I desperately need an alternative. I have a feeling you might, too. So what better to receive for Valentine’s Day than something you’ll actually wear A LOT?! Warning, I went a little crazy. Nordstrom had so many great pairs of earrings online that I couldn’t stop ordering -eeeeek! Nordstrom gorjana 'G Ring' Hoop Earrings First up are these gold hammered circles… Ok, I know they look a lot like the hoops I wear all the time, but they’re not hoops by golly, so I bought them! And now I’m wearing them everyday -ha!

Nordstorm Rebecca Minkoff Bar Fringe Drop Earrings

I’m wearing this pair as I write this post. This picture does not do these earrings justice. When you move, the light catches on the flat lines and they sparkle. I love them, and  they’re not a hoop or a circle -ha!

Nordstrom Ettika Crystal Bar Drop Earrings

I’ve seen lots of diamond studded hoops, but I haven’t seen just a straight line! How minimal and pretty!
Nordstrom Vince Camuto Pavé Open Circle Drop Earrings

These are the perfect pair of earrings if big earrings aren’t your thing, but you need to stretch yourself a little bit. They make a statement without being like…

Nordstrom Tuleste 'Flare Bar' Drop Earrings

these -ha! I am crazy, crazy, crazy over these! When I got them in the mail, I was so excited! They were even better in person than they were online! I put them on immediately and wore them out that night! You will see these A LOT!

Nordstrom Vince Camuto Crystal Frontal Hoops

Sometimes when I wear black, I feel like gold or silver is too harsh of a contrast. That’s why I’m loving these!!! Plus, I’ve always loved the black diamond look, just not the price -ha!

I hope you gals found a great pair of earrings for yourself. I know I did -ha! Oh, and I also like these, but the picture was blurry. If you order today, they’ll be here in time for Valentine’s Day, and the great thing about Nordstrom is they have free shipping and returns!

A special thanks to my sister (tellittoyourneighbor) for meeting me for breakfast and then spending most of the time taking pictures of me. Ha!

An Easy “Go To” for Outfit Inspiration


Happy Tuesday! I’m enjoying the full disclosure nature of C. Style in 2016! So in the spirit of full disclosure, this week is a two post week, because I just can’t seem to get it all together. Isn’t it funny how sometimes it just creeps up on you out of nowhere? You are going about everyday life and then someone gets sick, something in the house breaks, or you realize that you’ve signed up for too much. Instead of putting pressure on myself to get three posts out, I am letting it go. As I’ve said, I have decided to let go of the self imposed pressure. Which brings me to my outfit…


Sometimes I don’t have time to think about my outfit, as was the case last Friday. Lucky for me, I was flipping through the J.Crew catalog and found so many cute outfit ideas! There are so many places to get outfit inspiration, but I find that J.Crew catalogs are a sure bet. J.Crew mixes and matches classic pieces (that you probably have in your closet) in unexpected ways, and on this day, it reminded me how much I love oxfords! I always love a good oxford outfit, and I reach for one when I’m at a loss for what to wear. I love wearing them with jeans and Converse, too (uniform post here)! Come to think of it, what is chicer than a white oxford, jeans, a cool heel, and a really great lip? I’m totally wearing this to my next GNO!


Shirt- J.Crew, Pants- similar Loft, Shoes- J.Crew, Watch- Kate Spade, Bag- J.Crew

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