My Back to School Shopping List

'Ira' Loafer (Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid)

For this back to school post, I have to start with these church shoes! Cute, comfortable church shoes that my boys won’t give me a hard time about wearing are impossible to find! After a few of my friends saw my boys in these loafers and inquired about where to buy them, I knew I had to share them in a post!

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At one point, my son wouldn’t wear socks that had seams at the toes, that’s how particular he is. But he doesn’t mind wearing these loafers, they are that comfy! This is a huge win for me! It’s the little things in life that make me happy these days! I also like that these shoes can be worn year round, because they don’t look overly summer or wintery!


For me, my back to school shopping list consists of church shoes, tennis shoes, a backpack, a lunch box and a winter coat. Those items are harder to find, and I usually can’t just go to one store and buy them. So I decided to save myself some time and order them all online at Nordstrom instead! Plus, I was able to take advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for some of the items!

My youngest son is going into Kindergarten, and he wants to ditch his pre-k backpack (sniff, sniff) for an Under Armour backpack (of course). He chose the one on the left… I kinda wanted him to choose the one on the right -ha! Oh well.

Now, if I was able to choose which backpack I liked best for him, it would be this one by STATE. It’s a give-back backpack, too!

And, of course, he also wants to ditch his cute monogrammed lunch bag, so we just bought him this one for $20! My baby is growing up.

My older son is not all about the Under Armour (yet). I like to think he has a style of his own, but maybe that’s taking it too far -ha! This is not really a back to school staple, but he does need a few collared shirts. I couldn’t pass this one up since it was part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

I just bought him the tennis shoes on the right. They are cute and the good reviews sold me. If he could tie his shoes, I would have purchased him the new Air Maxes for kids. He would match my husband!

I also noticed that they have North Face puffer jackets as part of the #NSale! A great staple to pick up on sale!

That’s my back to school shopping list! What’s on your back to school shopping list, aka what am I missing? Ha! #hotmessmama

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Good Luck!

When Nordstrom asked me to check out their kids shoes and clothes to share with you guys, it was a no brainer! I knew I wanted to share the church shoes with you guys and I was already shopping the #NSale for some back to school deals! This post was sponsored by Nordstrom, a brand that I use, know and love. Thank you to my readers for trusting C. Style and its content.

How to Navigate the Picked Over Swimsuit Section and Save!

After posting about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (here, here and here), I’m up to my ears with cute fall/winter items. But, it’s still summer here, so let’s talk summer items! I had a really great learning experience this summer, and I wanted to share!

Before we headed to the beach in June, I went out to buy a new two piece, and the swimsuit department was very picked over. I ended up trying on a whole bunch of random tops, because they had sold out of the matching bottoms. Well, what do you know, it worked out really well for me! I ended up with three new swimsuits for the half price, because I just used the black bottoms I already had! No need to buy three new bikinis with matching bottoms! Just buy tops that match bottoms you already have!!!

I really lucked out, because I found swimsuit tops that worked well for my larger chest. It’s usually a real struggle for me to find well fitting bikini tops that look appropriate!  If you are in the same boat, check these out:

What I learned is that I don’t have to buy the matching set! Instead, I can just find a few tops that match a pair of bottoms I already have and know I love! Now I’ll need a new pair of black bikini bottoms after this summer. Any suggestions?

P.S. If you are looking for more swimsuit tricks check out this post: “Reinventing Swimsuits“.

P.P.S. Did you guys see my recent giveaway?!?! There are less than 12 entries, and I’m giving away $1000 worth of Nordstrom Gift Cards! Check out the details here.

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