A Great Place to Buy Trendy Pieces

A Great Place to Buy Trendy PiecesA Great Place to Buy Trendy PiecesA Great Place to Buy Trendy PiecesA Great Place to Buy Trendy Pieces

For me, the concept of spending money on classic, staple pieces and spending less on trendy pieces really makes sense! I love following trends, but since they will most likely be out of style in the coming year, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on them. For example, take the two tops in the post- one is a cold shoulder top (super trendy right now), and one has an oversized ruffle (an oversized ruffle probably won’t stand the test of time). There are lots of fun places to buy trendy pieces, but have you guys looked at Topshop or the “trend” department at Nordstrom? If not, you’ve got to check them out! Some nights, just for fun, I’ll peruse the new arrivals in the “trend” department to see what is currently on trend. And you know I end up with lots of cute things in my cart! Ha! Now, of course some of the trends I cannot/do not want to wear, but it’s still fun to see what’s on trend! Both tops in this post are from Topshop (a brand in the trend department) and are less than $70. Obviously, there are places to buy less expensive trendy items, but I find that I like the quality (for the most part) of Topshop. I want to wear trendy items, but I don’t want them to fall apart or look cheap. Here are a few of my Topshop favorites:

What are some of your favorites? Are you in love with this blue top like I am?

Outfit Links: Earrings-Bauble Bar and Tuleste (similar here), Tops- Topshop (here and here), Jeans- Citizens of Humanity (similar here), Pants- Gap (similar here) Sandals- K.Jacques  (similar here), Heels- Vince here, Watch- Kate Spade

Pictures by Traci Ling. This post was sponsored by Nordstrom, a brand that I use, know and love. Thank you to my readers for trusting C. Style and its content.

Girlfriend Diaries: Best Boutiques in Houston


This is my second installment of the Girlfriend Diaries, and I’m super excited about this one! I’d like to introduce you to my very talented friend and established Houston stylist, Emily Elliott. Emily and I get together often to bounce ideas off of one another and to get inspired. We have a similar sensibility when it comes to styling. What I love about Emily is that she is down to earth, she listens, and she adapts to her clients style effortlessly. Plus, she’s a high/low shopper like me. You know I love that! At one of our brainstorming lunches, we started chatting about boutiques in Houston. I was BLOWN AWAY by her knowledge! So blown away, I wanted to share it with you guys! Whether you’re a long time Houstonian or you plan to come visit, you’ll want to check this list out! A special thanks to Emily for sharing all of her knowledge with us!

Hello Lucky – This is one of my most favorite stores in the world! I love Teresa and her staff.  I have never walked out of this store empty handed.  It’s great for casual clothes for men, women, and kiddos. They also carry simple, interesting jewelry and loads of unique gifts.  The emphasis here is items that are locally sourced/made (think GOOD VIBES)!!

Abejas – It is clean, beautiful and EXPENSIVE.  I love the creative staff. I have seen them dress young and old and stick-thin and curvy with ease.  They do an excellent job bringing in the latest and greatest items (mostly an LA boho look).  A good source of inspiration is getting on one of their mailers.  I like to see how they pair prints and match colors. It’s definitely a specific look and clientele.

Katia – It’s worth jumping through the hoops in my opinion. You have to shop by appointment, and they have a very strict return policy. I get lost in the multiple rooms FULL of brands fresh to Houston and (most) not duplicated by other boutiques/retailers.  The staff works with you like they are curating an art exhibit. I love the inspiration they bring and the slight push to try something new and fresh. They carry the basics – tanks, denim, leather, etc, and then layer on the most fabulous/interesting pieces…well done.

Kuhl-Linscomb – You will need to have your shopping list ready, or you will spend all day in this store(s) AMAZING concept. It’s really the best of the best. You want the best coffee table book? Done. You want the best mattress? Done. You want the coolest sunglasses?Done. You want the best candle, lip gloss, birthday card, chocoloate…you catch my drift…

Lily Rain – This store makes me smile. They have a wonderful selection of items. I think it leans towards the young at heart with lots of color and fun! Their clothing fits a more petite frame. They carry great gift items and accessories and have a good blend of major brands (Go-Silk, Trina Turk, Level 99, Paige) and in-house branded pieces.

Elaine Turner – If you need a handbag or clutch under $500, this should be your first stop.  They also have a great selection of shoes, sandals, and boots. I appreciate that her pieces aren’t heavily logoed, and they do well with metallics and neutrals that are easy to blend into seasonal wardrobes. They also carry good pops of animal prints and do well with their bags hardware.

Leslie & Co. – They have friendly staff and the best selection of pants I know of in Houston!  From leggings to denim to trousers, this is where it’s at…

Muse – This store has easy shopping (kid-friendly) and great staff.  Lindsay is full of great ideas on pulling looks together with just the right touch of jewelry.

Elizabeth Anthony – They have a wonderful trunk show line-up and beautiful jewelry.

Stag – My favorite place to shop for men!  They have a great staff with years of experience in men’s clothing.  This is where you shop when you need CASUAL!!  I love the Hamilton shirts (locally designed/made), and the RRL selection– the candles, the books, the jewelry, and the watch selection is so COOL!  Whatever the term is for the combo of advanced hipster/classic gentlemen, this is your store.  They have great gift items at all price points.

Whole Earth – They carry functional clothing for my clients that travel… like what you’d  really wear when you hike in CO and safari in Africa.  They have a friendly staff and an exceptional return policy.  They know what customer service is.  It’s also the perfect place for birthday gifts/stocking stuffers for kiddos. There’s an extensive selection of casual day dresses for summer (Patagonia, Prana and North Face) and cute t-shirts for adults and kiddos.

Abeintot – I work with clients here for the final touch. They have a perfect selection of accessories- pashminas, jewelry, handbags.

Cakewalk – They have a great staff and a great selection of denim (think Saks contemporary in a smaller space and easy parking).

Malia Mills – This is one of my FAVORITES!  If you want the most amazing bathing suit and cover up, please go here!  It’s great for one pieces or bikini styles. The assortment of colors and prints is beautiful, and many cover-up pieces transition to summer dresses and tunics.  All sizes are welcome, all budgets not so welcome…

Tootsie’s –It’s a beautiful store, and THE place to go if you need help. They’ll make sure you are dressed appropriately for an event and will not be duplicated (they manage invites and who is wearing what). They have a great sense of what is going on fashion wise. They have great fitting rooms and great sales, but watch the return policy.

Cotton Club – They have an amazing selection of jewelry, and a helpful staff with excellent client services (i.e. calling for mark-downs, gift -ideas, etc…).

Kick Pleat – They’re NEW to Houston (a favorite in Austin) and most welcome!  Again, they’re bringing us new brands not offered elsewhere.  I love the simple lines and clean look.  PLEASE try things on… very few items have hanger appeal.

David Peck/Miles David – If custom is what you are looking for, this is a local option worth checking out.  They offer a creative and fun process.

Other great boutiques to note:


Raspberry Rose

Tres Chic

Chloe Dao

French Cuff

More Than You Can Imagine

Space Montrose

*Secret tips –  For loungewear/casual pieces check out BIG Yoga, Define, The Sports Shop – The Houstonian


I hope you all found this list as helpful as I did! Once again, a very special thanks to Emily for sharing her knowledge with me/us! This is definitely not an exhaustive list, and we know we are missing some really great boutiques. If you’d like to tell us about your favorite Houston boutique and why, we would love to hear from you! Just leave a comment below!



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