The One Trend I’m Happy to Add to My Closet  

Style Mafia Blouse

I am seeing pretty, feminine blouses everywhere! Do you know the blouses I’m talking about? They either have ruffles, flutter, or billowy sleeves! Well, these are the quintessential dress up/dress down tops I talk about so much.

Style Mafia Blouse

This trend is right up my alley. Not only are the blouses beautiful and make me feel feminine, but they also make sense. When I’m not sure what to wear, I put on one of these pretty blouses and wear it with jeans or slacks, and I feel great! It’s no wonder I went crazy over Style Mafia (the brand of the shirts I’m wearing in the pictures- original post here), their line is full of these tops.

This one seems to be the crowd favorite right now (I’m seeing it everywhere!).

Here are a few of my favorites from around the internet.

Btw, I’ve never received so many compliments on one top… Friday was a good day! Ha!

Style Mafia Blouse

Blue and White Top Outfit Links:

Black and White Top Outfit Links:

A Few Tricks to Up Your Weekend Outfit Game 

A Few Tricks to Up Your Weekend Outfit Game 

I recently wore this outfit on a date night with my husband, and I thought it would be fun to talk about the different style tricks I used to take this outfit up a notch.

The first trick that pops into my mind (and it’s not obvious from this picture) is the repeat trick! Not only was this the second day in a row that I wore this white shirt with jeans, but I also wore this look on Sunday after wearing it on Friday. A lot of times I will re-wear one of my dressier outfits, or just an outfit I felt good in, from earlier in the week to church. It makes Sunday morning go a lot smoother. Original post- Trick: Repeat Looks

A Few Tricks to Up Your Weekend Outfit Game 

With this outfit, I also used a pop of color to add interest. These days my pops of color are more subdued. If you like the pop of color look but don’t know how to do it, start with a black or white base and then add your color. I tried to wear a lipstick close to the color of my sandals, but you can’t tell.😂

I’m also using my third day hair trick. I throw my hair up in a bun on day one, so it has a wave to it on days two and three. Then I will use a curling wand in the front to add volume around the face. I also use dry shampoo on the roots and throughout my hair, and then I add a bit of hairspray for extra hold. Original Posts: Hair Tutorial + Giveaway and Two Day Hair Trick

I’m also using the sloppy tuck trick to define my waistline! Original Post: What’s a Sloppy Tuck and a How To

A Few Tricks to Up Your Weekend Outfit Game 

I’m wearing my jacket over my shoulders because it was hot outside, but I knew it would be cold inside. Instead of carrying it in your hands and for a chicer look (in my humble opinion), just drape it on your shoulders. I know people think this is stupid, but I like it. Ha!

I almost forgot! I’m also using the trick of tying different colors around your outfit so your eye doesn’t stop in one place. Here I’m tying the black around using my purse, watch, jacket and necklace. It’s like painting a canvas! Original Post: Pulling It All Together

I hope you a few tricks to help you up your outfit game this weekend! If you did, don’t forget to tag me and use the #cstyleinspo! I want to see!!!

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