What I Wore: Carmel, CA

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Circle Sweater

It feels good to be home with all the noise and chaos of family in the summer! If you read my last post, then you know I might be crazy, but at least I’m not lonely. I had such a great time in Carmel. I’ll be sharing our itinerary, but in the meantime, here’s what I wore! It was fun to be able to wear all my new purchases! The high was in the 60’s! YASSSS!

You guys know I love a good challenge, so I tried to only wear my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases. It wasn’t hard at all to do because I love to wear clothes just as soon as I get them! So when Nordstrom asked me to share my picks from the #NSale, it was a no brainer. Here are all the different ways I wore my sale purchases.

First up, I wore the moto leggings and grey sweater for our travel day. It truly was the perfect travel outfit, sooooo comfy. Plus, it’s so chic! Here’s a close up of the leggings:

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Moto LeggingsOutfit Links: Top – Michael Stars, Sweater – Leith, Leggings – Nordstrom, Sneakers – old Nike for similar here, Backpack – Rebecca Minkoff, Cuff – MantraBand, Earrings – Nadri, for similar here

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Rag & BoneOutfit Links: Sweater – Rag & Bone, Jeans – Articles of Society, Shoes – Treasure & Bond, Backpack – Rebecca Minkoff, Watch – Michael Kors, Cuff – MantraBand, Earrings – Nadri for similar here

If there was one item I kept reaching for over and over, it was this sweater. It was easy, comfy, soft, and not bulky. I know this will be a winter staple. I told my friend who has a very a refreshing, minimalistic style that this sweater should be her one #NSale purchase. (Note the shoes and bag.)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Paige denim Outfit Links: Top – old, Jeans – Paige, Shoes – Treasure & Bond, Backpack – Rebecca Minkoff, Sunglasses – Celine in store, Watch – old Kate Spade for similar here, Cuff – MantraBand, Top- Club Monaco Kalani Sweater (sold out)

The next night, we went out for cocktails and then to dinner. If there is one trend I’m am noticing all over the place, it’s funky denim hemlines. You name it, they’re doing it. These black jeans are a fun way for me to dip my toe into to the trend in a more conservative way. (Note the shoes and the bag.)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Rebecca Minkoff Backpack

Outfit Links: Sweater – J. Crew (sold out) for similar here, Tee – Rag & Bone Cozy Vee Sweatshirt for similar here and here, Jeans – Articles of Society,  Sneakers – Kate Spade (sold out), Backpack – Rebecca Minkoff, Cuff – MantraBand,  Watch – old Kate Spade for similar here, Earrings – Nadri for similar here

The next day, we went shopping. There is nothing that says “beach” to me more than a white, blue, and grey color combo. I liked adding my new bag to this classic combo to update the look and edge things up a bit. The white cropped flare jeans also helped update this outfit.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 BP topOutfit Links: Top – BP, Jeans – AG, Shoes – Treasure & Bond, Backpack – Rebecca Minkoff, Watch -old Kate Spade for similar here, Cuff – MantraBand, Necklace – Lulu DK, Earrings – Nadri for similar here

This top is one of those tops that you just feel good in. It has the effortless, not trying to hard vibe that I love. When we decided to try a rooftop bar, I knew this was just the top I wanted to wear! Plus, it’s less than $30! You can’t beat that! (Note the shoes and the bag.)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Treasure and Bond Outfit Links: Jacket – Mackage for similar here, Jeans – Paige, Shoes – Treasure & Bond, Backpack – Rebecca Minkoff, Sunglasses – Celine in store

It was freezing this night! I’m so glad I brought my winter coat! See, overpacking sometimes means you are prepared for any situation! Ha! Here I am in the crazy hem jeans again! Cute, huh? (Note the shoes and the bag.)


I’m sorry, did you “note” anything? Hahahaha! Clearly I’m loving a certain pair of shoes and a certain gold bag!

A special thanks to my friend, Sarah Caton Wynne for taking my pictures.

#NSale2017 Update

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Moto LeggingsI know we could all use a break from me after I was constantly in your feed for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last week, but the #NSale officially starts tomorrow, so I wanted to give you a quick update! I’ve had so much fun reading what you guys are liking. Thanks for your comments! They make me feel connected! I’m headed on a trip with my husband without the kids this weekend. Wahoo!…and then sniff, sniff.  If you’d like to follow along, head to my Instagram account. Otherwise, I’ll do a trip recap when I get back! These under $30 moto leggings were perfect for my travel day! #travelwear Can I make up a new clothing type called “travel-wear”?

Outfit Links: Leggings – Nordstrom, Sneakers – Nike

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

In the meantime, if you’d like to shop my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks, I’ve added an easy-to-get-to button on my menu bar, “#NSale Picks.” It has all the links to each #NSale post and all the picks in one place.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’ve been wearing my new purchases like crazy. I’m one of those dorky people who likes to wear my new clothes immediately. I still can’t believe this top is less than $40!! Doesn’t it look like Tibi?! Or am I crazy? These jeans are the perfect, casual blue.

Outfit Links: Top – Halogen, Jeans – AG, Sandals – K. Jacques

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I think I could wear a pretty white top and jeans every single day of my life. Ok, I might get a little bored of it. Anyway, when in doubt, throw on a pretty white top! I’m loving this shoe and jean combo. It’s edgy yet feminine, and I’m especially loving the shoes! The price is right, and they make me feel like a graceful, feminine, ballerina…even if I’m the most clumsy person you’ve ever met. No, seriously.

Outfit Links: Top – Halogen, Jeans – Paige, Shoes – Treasure & Bond, Earrings – Nadri

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Rebecca Minkoff Backpack

I’m surprised by how much I’m using this backpack. It looks really cute with all my workout wear, and I’m loving it for travel. I love to be hands-free, and I realized the power of a backpack on my recent trip to CO. Anyway, I’m loving it.

Rebecca Minkoff Medium Julian Metallic Leather Backpack

Side note:

I had a learning moment, and I have to tell you about it. Long story short, the day before I left for my trip, I dropped my boys off at my sister’s, dropped the dog off at the boarder’s, and my husband was out of town, so I had the house all to myself! All to myself! No dog barking needing to go out, no kiddo yelling, “Mommy!” How great is that?!?! Well, you know what? I was lonely. L.O.N.E.L.Y.  So lonely, I called my sister for a pep talk. I eventually got into the groove after journaling a bit and watching Super Soul Sunday, but it was weird. It was like I was in one of those movies where you catch a glimpse of your life in an altered state. I missed it all! I missed the “Mommy!”, I missed the dog looking at me, and I even missed my very tense, travel husband (We usually have to leave the house at least 3 hours before the flight. Hahahaha!). Anyway, what I realized is that all of those imperfections, the dog barks and the kiddo’s screams, are part of this beauti(full) life, and I need to embrace them better. I need to remind myself to be grateful in those moments, instead of being so mad and frustrated (hard to admit)! I need to give myself and those around me a little more grace in those moments. Because when it’s gone, it’s quite lonely. So when I get home, for the first five minutes, I’ll be grateful for the chaos. Just kidding, for the first ten minutes. Hahaha!

But for now, I’ll enjoy my vacation without the kids and the dog with my relaxed, vacation husband.


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