And Then Cathy Happened…

This post is for all my girls who have asked me what to pack for a ski vacation. If you follow along on Instagram, then you may have seen that I’ve been on a ski trip with my husband. I had my “what I packed post” ready to go for you guys for Monday, but then Cathy happened… Yes, my new super stylish friend introduced me to a few new things, and I just had to share them with you guys ASAP.

Skiing OutfitSweater- Anthropologie, Jeans- 7 for all Mankind, Shoes- Uggs, Watch- Kate Spade, Bracelet- Giles and Brother for similar, Earrings- Argento Vivo, Ring- J.Crew for similar

You see, I had pretty much resolved to only wear Uggs on cold weather vacations. Yeah, they’re not super duper cute, BUT they are super warm and super practical!

Skiing OutfitSweater- Gap, Chambray Shirt- J.Crew for similar, Jeans- 7 for all Mankind, Shoes- Uggs, Earrings- Lulu Frost

Then, one night on the trip, I came out in this outfit for dinner with my big, clunky Uggs, and then here Cathy comes in her cute Fly London boots! I was like,” Wait, I want her boots!!!” It was the first time I had seen a cute pair of winter boots that were stylish and practical.  So practical, in fact, that as we were walking together to dinner down a snowy hill (me in my Uggs and her in her Fly boots), I was slipping and sliding all over the snow, and she was as sturdy as a tree.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.02.51 PMBlack Boot/ Brown Boot

Ski OutfitsSweater- Madewell, Shirt- Nordstrom for similar, Jeans- Paige Denim for similar, Shoes- Uggs, Earrings- Argento Vivo, Cuff- Giles and Brother for similar

How much cuter would this outfit have been with these Fly boots (no pun intended -ha!)?!?!  If you’re kinda skeptical, trust me, they are darling on, and they beat all other fashionable winter boots on the market. I have looked… and looked… Cathy had the ones that tie in the back, but I also like the ones that zip on the side. Now, if you’re not in a ski town, but you still need a bit of traction I LOVE!!!! these and these.

Skiing OutfitFur Vest- Nordstrom, Sweater- Michael Kors and Splendid for similar, Shirt- J.Crew for similar, Jeans- 7 for all Mankind, Boots- Roma, Bracelet- Giles and Brother for similar, Earrings- Argento Vivo, Ring- J.Crew for similar

Now, I have to say, one night we walked up the mountain to have dinner, and these Roma boots were perfect for this kind of serious walking. They functioned just like a Sorel boot would, but Roma is a one-for-one boot company, and you can’t beat that! I never lost traction in the snow and they are waterproof with a waterproof, insulated liner.

Skiing Outfit

Ski Jacket- Erin Snow, Ski Pants- Bogner Fire and Ice, Shoes- Uggs

So in the end, you should definitly pack some Fly boots, so you can look as chic as Cathy on your next ski vacation. Oh, and wear MAC’s Modesty lip color that Cathy also turned me on to (I’ll post a picture of it on Instagram tomorrow). And, I guess what I learned is, you can pretty much take all of your normal, layered, winter outfits and just change out your shoes to some legit winter shoes. Oh and, of course, layer a warm jacket on top. I  wore last years version of this staple from my closet, but I love this longer one.

Comfy Cozy

IMG_9599I’m a sucker for “comfy cozy” clothes. This sweater/sweatshirt is like wearing a snuggie, but softer. I’m serious, it’s like wearing the softest, plushest stuffed animal you’ve ever felt. So naturally, I want to wear it ALL the time, and I have been.

IMG_9618The other night I was going out with the girls, and I wanted to wear my new sweater. But how does one wear a snuggie on top and look ready to go out on the town with the girls? I was at a loss and then, ding, ding, ding! I’ll wear it with heels! My feet may not be super comfortable, but at least half of me will be comfy cozy! Well, and I just feel stylish when I wear heels- ha!

Topshop SweaterMaybe I should consider wearing heels more often, because I received compliments from both my husband and brother-in-law. They both specifically said, “I like your shoes”. Hmmm…. I’m not saying I’m going to wear them all the time, but I might start wearing heels just a little more. But only if I’m wearing a snuggie on top- ha!

Topshop SweaterDo you have plans this weekend and need a little outfit inspiration? What about comfy cozy on top and heels on the bottom?!

Topshop SweaterOutfit Links:

Sweater- Topshop, Pants- 7 for all Mankind, Shoes- Joe’s for similar and BP for similar, Necklace- Soho Houston and Gorjana for similar, Bag- Stella McCartney for similar, Watch- Kate Spade, Cuff- Anthropologie for similar, Bracelet- Giles and Brother for similar, Earrings- Argento Vivo

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