How to get the J. Crew Sleeve Roll

I’ve been asked a lot lately, how do I roll up my shirt sleeves to get that casual look and prevent them from falling!?! You know the roll, the roll that J. Crew does on all of their models and the stores do on their displays?!?! Here’s how:

Unbutton your sleeve. Leave your last button(the gauntlet button) buttoned for a tighter roll.

Roll your sleeve so that it hits a little above your elbow.

Roll it again so that the roll hits in the middle of your cuff.

You can leave it this way or…

pop your cuff

Violia! The casual J. Crew shirt sleeve roll!


  1. {Hi Sugarplum!} May 1, 2014

    Life. Changing. For real…no sarcasm! Totally linking this tomorrow!

  2. cvnare May 2, 2014

    Very cool! Will use


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