My “Elaine” Outfit

I’m admittedly somewhat freakish about my travel outfits. I realize this is not normal but I don’t like to be uncomfortable when I’m stuck somewhere for a long period of time. It’s like I’m Elaine in the Seinfeld Subway episode. I said it was freakish! I recently went out of town and this is what I wore on the plane. Here are a few of my requirements. I like easy on/off shoes. The shoes must be comfortable yet closed toed because of the air vents on the floor board of the plane that turn my toes into icicles. Every item needs to be a loose or stretchy, cool, comfortable fabric. My shirt needs to cover my back so that when I throw my bag up on the scale or put it in the scanner no one is seeing my backside. Most importantly, I need to breath. Absolutely no tight waist bands.

I’m laughing at this picture because my close friend’s husband asked me why I’m always looking down in my pictures.

Here I am in baggage claim, so happy to have had comfy travel clothes on.

And the outfit is still cute enough to go out on the town! I wear this as an everyday outfit too!

Pants – Zara Jeggings for similar, Shirt – Anthropologie, Shoes – J. Crew, Necklace – Banana Republic way long ago, Gold hoops – Urban Outfitters in store only, Purse – Marc by Marc Jacobs, Watch – Michael Kors


  1. RiverRoyals September 19, 2012

    Having been with Carly on this trip, I understand why she has so many followers. She looks amazing everywhere she goes. Truly, strangers stop her! Thanks for sharing your style, Carly!!

  2. September 26, 2012

    This is going to sound funny, but the baggage claim pic made me think “Welcome to Jackson-Evers International Airport”- HA! Can you tell I’ve flown into/out of Jackson many times? I completely agree with your travel style tips and actually wore a very similar outfit on my recent trip to Seaside. Thanks for sharing!


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