One Of A Kind

Last Saturday, my sister and I went to the Urban Market Antique Show. I love antiques, but not as much as clothes! This is precisely why I ended up with a new purse at the Antique Show- ha! I’m crazy about one-of-a-kind items or unique personal accessories. Interior Designers say to fill your home with items that are uniquely you. So- hey, I ‘ll just do the same for my wardrobe/closet! P.s. I am loving the infinity scarf trick :)!

Here, I am trying on “the bag.” I have to say, from the very second I tried it on, I was a little giddy. Yes, I get giddy over these things. I had my sister take a picture of me because sometime I think you see things differently in pictures. In this case, it made me like it even more. Dangit, I don’t need another bag, I tell myself. But then I learned the story behind the bag…

It’s made by Stash and Co. Their bags are handmade individually in a 100-year-old historic landmark factory in small town Texas. My backpack was made by J Raphael Klein and the leather actually has brand mark on it – making it truly one of a kind. He even designed the outside pocket for an iPhone….genius! Cheryl Schulke, the founder, A.K.A. Stash, has a great story- check it out here.

If you think the bag is as cool as I do, check out their website. They don’t have it as one of the standard options, but they said it would be no problem to make it. It is the Backpack Sm | Chocolate. If you decide to get one, rest assured, no two are alike- ha!

Did I mention that my cross body gave me a headache the day before? I needed this backpack for my health- haha!

What A Deal!

I just can’t help myself – I’ve got to share my deal with you! I was shopping, which I don’t do very often-haha :), and I found this shirt on sale at J. Crew for $27.99!

I love how the navy stripes are horizontal on the back! It’s a perfect shirt to throw on with a pair of jeans.

I found this top at the same time, and I am just as crazy about it. I love the zipper detail on the back. It was also on sale for $27.99 in the store! Raglan Sailor Top

I didn’t intend for my son to match me, but I thought it was pretty funny so I had to take a picture! After all, I am the one that buys his clothes :).

Shirt– sold out on-line, purchased it at the store, and they had some in the back, Jeans – Joe’s Chelsea fit- here for their new version, Boots – Frye (cognac), Earrings – Kate Spade at Nordstrom

I’m crazy about putting my classic style watch with fun gold bangles. You should try it! My husband bought me this watch because it reminded me of a watch my Mom had. If you have a classic style watch like this, with the leather band, put some bangles on with it and give it a new life!

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