Jeans Shopping Made EASY!

I don’t think I’m the only one who finds shopping for jeans totally overwhelming, I mean where do you even start? Not only do we have to worry about what fits our body type, but what style should we get, what wash, what brand, ahhhhhh! What’s a girls to do? I have a solution! Here I am sporting my new favorite jeans.

I love the wash and the slight edgy detail or should I just say, holes. I think I once said, why would you ever buy jeans with pre made holes in them… Well, now I know, so you feel hip and cool!

Jeans- ‘Racer’ Citizens at Nordstrom, Blouse – Splendid, Black Flats – way long ago but I just bought these to replace them, Necklace – Michael Kors at Nordstrom, Purse – Marc by Marc Jacobs smaller version, Gold Hoops – Urban Outfitters in store only

This is how my shopping trip began. Not only did I have less than 15 minutes to shop, but I had two kids with me! Whether you have kids with you or not, we are all very busy and don’t want to spend all Saturday trying to find that perfect pair of jeans, am I right?!?!

Meet your new best friend, the Jeans Department Sales Associate. Whether you are shopping at Nordstrom, Gap or Ann Taylor these ladies know their stuff. They see all sorts of women try on pair after pair of jeans. They know what will look good and what won’t! This is Natalie, she is a Sales Associate in t.b.d. at Nordstrom in Houston Galleria.

I wore my favorite pair of jeans to show Natalie what I already have, and also to show her what I like about them. In this case I liked the fit and length and that I am able to roll them. She immediately went to work. She put me in the “BIG” dressing room, since I had the stroller, and just started bringing me jeans. I had four pair of jeans in 10 minutes that I loved (I’m not keeping them all). Now that’s what I’m talking about! Jeans shopping made easy! Thank you Natalie!


  1. uthmama October 22, 2012

    Your fondness of Zaras is contagious. I’ve only been able to order from them online but this weekend I stumbled across a Zara’s store quite by accident. Poor husband sat outside for an hour – he’s so good – and I had a blast! Loving the Zaras!

  2. tell it to your neighbor! October 22, 2012

    Love your new favorite jeans! Just bought the Kohl’s flats online. They’re on sale! Great point that the sales peps see all dif body types and will know what works for me!

  3. the Queen City Style October 22, 2012

    Carly, you are gorgeous as ever!!

  4. Andrea October 23, 2012

    will you share what jeans you just bought??

  5. Carly Lee (C. Style Blog) October 23, 2012

    Hi Andrea! The link to the pair of jeans I’m wearing is under the third picture. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  6. Jean shopping kind of makes me want to hide under a table and cry quietly.
    Sheaffer 🙂

  7. KatyMorgan October 23, 2012

    What jeans were you wearing when you were shopping? I need a good pair of dark, cropped skinnies!

  8. Carly Lee (C. Style Blog) October 24, 2012

    Hi Katy, They are Joe’s Jeans The Chelsea fit. They were from two years ago so I can’t find a link for you, sorry.


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