Favorite Finds Part 2

I’m cracking myself up right now because I just realized there are no gift ideas for anyone other than myself in this post- ha! I guess I know what I want for Christmas this year. Here are my picks from my trip to the Galleria. I hope you find some ideas for yourself!

I love sunglasses, and the cat eye look is so hot right now. I just love these cat eye sunglasses from Tory Burch.

Ever since I had a client that was looking for a red purse, I’ve become a little obsessed. I clearly don’t “need” another, but if I did I would buy one of these two.

A wallet big enough for ALL of my receipts and gift cards! Plus, a place for a pen! I can never find a pen!

You all are going to think I’m crazy with this gift idea, but my dermatologist (who I trust implicitly) told me to buy one of these. Apparently it really does work! I know I’m a little late on this craze.

I just love this bag from Zara. You could fit everything in there… everything but the kitchen sink! I love that you can carry it as a hand bag or on the shoulder.

A fun way to follow the leather trim trend without breaking the bank. This top is so versatile. You could wear it with black pants for a night out, or tuck it into a pencil skirt for work.

I’m seriously having to hold myself back from buying this watch. It feels so Jackie O- classic yet current and hip at the same time. I don’t have a black watch… hmmmm – ha!

The picture doesn’t do this necklace justice. I like it because it’s different than the long gold chain necklaces, but has the same effect. You could put this with any top to add a little umph to your outfit.


  1. Ashley Taylor December 7, 2012

    I love the leather trim top and the long necklace at the end. Ohhh how I miss Galleria 🙁

    xo Ashley

  2. Laura December 7, 2012

    Love it all Carly! Still haven’t found my red purse….maybe Santa will bring it to me 🙂

  3. yoongihee December 7, 2012

    i really love the crossbody bag. i wish i wasn’t a student!!! i was at zara mexico the other day [bought leggings] and thought of you.

  4. Samantha December 7, 2012

    Long necklace and that watch are my faves! And I can vouch for the Mia, it’s awesome.

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

  5. That first red bag is to die for. I want it. Now.

  6. Tara {The Silver Lining} December 7, 2012

    Oh my I love all of these too!! Zara’s bags are so simple and perfect. Can I ask you where your black blouse is from?? It’s so cute!

  7. Kristen December 7, 2012

    is that bag leather? i looove it.

  8. Kristen December 7, 2012

    I mean the one from zara…

  9. Lauren December 9, 2012

    Great. Now I don’t have to make my wishlist! I will just be directed everyone to this post! The KS small folio and watch, where did you find those?… NEED.:)


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