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It’s crazy to me how many of you are building or renovating a house! I’m glad a few of you mentioned that you would like some closet design ideas, because I never would have thought to do a post on this subject. I saw Keri Russell’s closet in Elle Decor and I loved it (here), and with the help of our Builder, Adam Wells at Ethos Design Group, we copied it! The different drawers help keep me organized and I love them. The shelves are really useful, but as you can see I don’t utilize them for sweaters because I hang my sweaters. I have to hang all my clothes so I can see them. It’s a personal preference, but this may change if I need the space- ha! But, I do really love having shelves in my closet to serve as a station for my returns, receipts, hats, clutches, perfume, kindle, lap top and cell phone.

I don’t have a dresser in my bedroom and so these closet drawers are perfect. It’s been really nice to have all my clothes in one place. When I’m changing out of my day clothes, I can hang the clothes I’m wearing and then just turn, open the drawer and get into pjs. I was told by a lingerie sales associate that you are not suppose to fold your bras into each other, if that makes sense. Now, I don’t have to, I can lay them flat in the top drawer… love my bra drawer. The flip flop and tennis shoe drawer has really worked out well too. I can just chunk them in there and they are out of sight.

This was a genius idea from our builder– the corners of closets are usually wasted space, but not if you make them into shelves!

I hope this post has been helpful. Next post will be about organizing and space saving tricks. Maybe :)… I’m getting tired of looking at my closet-ha!


  1. Hope Howland January 7, 2013

    So inspiring, thanks for posting!

  2. I have a friend that is building a home…this information is perfect for her!!!!

  3. The Perkins Family January 8, 2013

    Are your jewelry drawers organized inside?? would you mind sharing? I have drawers for my jewelry but can’t figure out the best way to organize and protect my jewelry. thanks!!

  4. Ashley Taylor January 8, 2013

    Love the corner shelves!

    xo Ashley

  5. Molly May 23, 2013

    Great drawer space!! What are the dimensions of your drawers?


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