Keeping it Real in Rainy Day Flats

Sometimes it’s hard for me to know what is “post worthy”, but today a reader introduced herself (Thank you J., I love it when I get to meet new people) and she reminded me that sometimes we just want to see “real life” style. Thank you for the reminder! I always need to remember this, especially after I’ve looked at Harper’s Bazaar or a really fancy style blog- ha!

So, here’s what I really wore today. You may already know about these shoes, but just in case you don’t I wanted to share because I love them. They are the rainy day flats from J. Crew. They are the perfect shoe for when there is a light drizzle or just a few puddles and you don’t want to wear full on rain boots. I’m sure we have all ruined a pair or two of shoes from the rain. I used to wear these with my suits at work all the time. I was not going to ruin my nice work shoes one more time!

Outfit Links:

Sweater- Gap for similar, Shirt- J.Crew, Jeans- Joe’s Jeans (similar), Flats- J.Crew and Melissa for alternative, Sunglasses- Ray-Ban, Purse- Marc Jacobs, Earrings- Kate Spade, Watch- Michael Kors

Here’s a close up picture of the rainy day flats. They’re made of all rubber with a little bow on top. In the spirit of keeping it real, I have been known to wear these flats even when there’s no rain in sight- just because I think their cute and comfy.

Keepin’ it real.

(Photos by Mallory Lee)


  1. Jenni January 30, 2013

    Super cute! Love this look!

  2. Margo January 30, 2013

    First, I adore gingham anywhere – I love your shirt. Second, I have a pair of Crocs flats and I was so embarrassed about it at first because CROCS, you know, but they are super-comfy, super-cute (leopard!), and cannot be ruined by dirt or wet.

  3. Love these flats which are SO appropriate for Houston drizzle days. Melissa makes great rainy day flats too {comfortable and pretty inexpensive} in case you want to mix it up a bit. XO!

  4. Carly Lee (C. Style Blog) January 30, 2013

    LZ- Thank you so much! These are so cute! I am going to add them to the post as an alternative. Thanks again!

  5. The Beebe Hive January 30, 2013

    So glad I spotted the Live Version of C Style! First, I thought your bag might be the same, then I admired the shirt and sweater and the bun nailed it! I knew right then I was seeing C Style LIVE! I’m so glad I introduced myself because the live version is as cool as the wardrobe.


  6. Franziska February 1, 2013

    you may not think this is that blog worthy, but it’s EXACTLY what I want to see from blogs. Playing dress up is fun and all, but that’s not real life and not what I read blogs for. I love this outfit and want to recreate all of it.

  7. Pink Flamingo Style February 1, 2013

    I love the idea of real life style. Such a cute outfit!

  8. Fran February 8, 2013

    Hi, I just found you via pinterest and I love your style! I feel like such a weirdo/stalker because I’m pinning every image!! So happy I found you and I like how your pictures don’t seem too posed/styled and more natural. Your outfits are great because you can wear them every day and as a mom of two kids, this is a bonus!!

  9. Sara February 19, 2013

    Great blog! Great style! Thank you for all of the inspiration!

    I am thinking of ordering the rainy day flats for myself — I am a half size, though — do you recommend ordering up or down?


  10. styleandcreations July 15, 2013

    loving the street style. very nice

  11. Spicy Veggies September 29, 2013

    The button-down sweater combo is my favorite. Your style is so classic. I’m doing a spending fast until the end if the year and it’s tough to see things on other bloggers sites that I want (like the rainy day flats) and not go out any buy them.


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