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Ahhhhh! I can’t believe I’m actually posting my closet on the internet- no judging please! In the spirit of all things new, I thought I’d do a post on my “new” philosophy. It may serve as a little motivation to clean out your closet, or maybe not- ha! In the post, Staples, I said that my husband had more clothes than me. Whenever I make this statement most people say that they do not believe me. Well, here’s the proof! My husband’s side of the closet is on the right, and my side is on the left. See, I really was telling the truth! In his defense, he wears a suit to work everyday. I only have a few suits, since I don’t have the occasion to wear them very often.

In a way, I happened upon my new philosophy by chance. For one, my body has completely changed since having 2 kids, so NOTHING fits the same. And two, while renovating our house we had to put a majority of our clothes in storage, and guess what, I didn’t miss them!

The only clothes I have in my closet now are: 1.) clothes that fit, and 2.) clothes that I’m excited about and feel confident wearing.

In my next post I’ll share with you the questions I ask myself and clients when assessing whether or not to keep, alter, or donate an article of clothing. And, just in case you are building or renovating your house, I’ll share the reasoning behind my closet design, what I’d do the same and what I’d do differently, and I’ll also share some space saving tricks.


  1. daisy January 2, 2013

    Thank you so much for sharing- I am going to conquer my closet very soon. Need the inspiration!

  2. Phyllis R. January 2, 2013

    Hi! I found your fun and inspiring blog via Big Mama {Melanie} and I’ so glad I did! I appreciate all your great tips and the fun way you share them {and I’ve really learned! I actually purchased a couple of the Gap “nude” camisoles based on your recommendation, and they really do make a major difference with sheer tops. Thanks!} And thanks SO much for starting a series of closet posts. We all want more order in our lives {and closets} and I look forward to your tips, hints and help! Thanks again and nice to “meet” you. : )

  3. Jan Beaty January 2, 2013

    Hi Carly, thanks for the closet post. Looking forward to your tips, hints, etc. BTW, how do you arrange your clothes…first by type, then color or ???

    Enjoy your posts, and have purchased several items based on your sharing of information!

  4. Hope Howland January 2, 2013

    My husband has more clothes than me as well… Beautiful closet, I love it!

  5. cleartheway January 2, 2013

    I have just moved into a new place with a super small closet area and I find myself needing to get rid of clothes that I’ve been holding onto. I’m excited to find whatever help I can as I make this transition. Thanks so much for whatever advice you offer.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  6. Anne N. January 2, 2013

    Thanks for the inspiration; I need to tackle my closet! I’m looking forward to your tips and hints.

  7. Ashley Taylor January 3, 2013

    Love your closet 🙂

    xo Ashley


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