I LOVE the month of February! It’s right before spring, we celebrate love, and my birthday is at the end of the month- ha! I’m all for a month that celebrates LOVE. Plus, I am huge sucker for celebrating holidays. I see holidays as one of life’s little pleasures. For this reason I like to geek out a holiday! I bought these “love” earrings at UO and I’ll be wearing them all the time. These earrings will definitely be worn all year round, they’re just playful and fun.

When I graduated college and started working I thought that I had to dress in black and grey to be taken seriously. Thankfully, I had a mentor who, in so many words, asked me why in the world I was wearing black and grey all the time. She suggested that my personality and my clothes didn’t match up. After this I was liberated and never looked back (Thank you A.J., you should have a style blog, not me). One of my favorite things to do was to wear a fun festive shirt like 1. and 2. under a black suit- conservative but still fun! I could see both with a black pencil skirt too. Also, I am crazy about these “besties” iPhone cases. What bestie wouldn’t want a fun iPhone case for Valentines?! “Besties” can celebrate Valentines day too! And I am officially in LOVE with 4! I’ve asked my husband to get it for me for Valentines. It’s not too expensive, it will look great with all my other bracelets (aka “stack”), but it will still look so dainty and cute if I wear it alone.

Links Here:

Red Heart Blouse- J.Crew, “Besties” Iphone Case- UO, Love Earrings- UO, Heart Shirt- J.Crew, Love Bracelet- UO


  1. What fun stuff! Love all of it! 🙂

  2. RachelZoe February 1, 2013

    There is not one thing you listed that I don’t LOVE!!! I am dying over the iPhone cases and the “love” bracelet!! Great blog post!


  3. Laura February 4, 2013

    Didn’t know “UO” is Urban Outfitters- Thank you to Carly…aka C.Style for helping me stay hip to be square!


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