Father’s Day?… Done.

When is Father’s Day?…. AHHHHHHH! It’s two weeks away!!! This year I’m going to be on it and you can be, too! My husband has a few picks for the fathers in your life (I helped pick them out, of course -ha!). What’s nice is that these picks come straight from a real guys guy, so the fathers in your life won’t be disappointed.


My husband says I can start and end the post with these shorts, they are that perfect.
AG 'Griffin' Chino Shorts

He has been looking for a casual pair of shorts for a very long time, and if you’ve ever been shopping with a man for shorts, you know it’s not easy to find a good pair. They can’t be too short, too long, too tight, too loose, and they must be slimming, but comfortable and not dorky. Yup, it’s a challenge. So when Nordstrom asked us to come in and check out their golf wear to share with you guys, my husband and I had a one track mind to find him some shorts. And boy did we find them! Not only can you wear these for golf, but you can wear them casually, too. That was a BIG deal for my husband, because you know guys like value (wink, wink)! In fact, he bought them in every color. In the pic you can see that they are long, but not too long…AG 'Griffin' Chino Shorts

…tight, but not too tight. Slimming, but…

AG 'Griffin' Chino Shorts

…comfortable and not dorky. Done. Best shorts ever! Order them- you/he won’t be sorry. Plus, with Nordstrom, it’s free shipping and returns! And if your guy already likes AG jeans, then it’s a no brainer!

Peter Millar 'Cummings' Stripe Moisture Wicking Stretch Polo

Next up is this shirt! There is no safer bet than a golf shirt. I personally love this golf shirt more than all of my husbands other golf shirts because of the collar and the slimming nature of the shirt. Most golf shirt collars are flimsy and big, but not this one- it look so much better! Also, most golf shirts are that thin cotton that can look slouchy (you know what I’m saying?), but not this one. It’s fabric is stiffer, more tailored looking, and more forgiving. But if you asked my husband…
Peter Millar 'Cummings' Stripe Moisture Wicking Stretch Polo

…He would say it’s the moisture wicking fabric that makes this shirt so great! Oh, and we also picked up this great belt. I loved it because of it’s versatility and the fact that it wasn’t leather. There you have it! Father’s Day is done, and you don’t even have to leave your house -ha! And if you’re not sure, just send this post to the fathers in your life and see if they like the items. *Guys- links to the items are in bold, just in case you’ve never been to C. Style before.* I know it will be your first and last time -ha!

Outfit links:

Shirt- Peter Millar, Shorts- AG, Shoes- Ecco for similar, Hat- Nordstrom for similar, Belt- Ted Baker London


  1. Candace June 7, 2015

    I love the Father’s Day Gift ideas! What color are the AG shorts your husband purchased? Thank you!

  2. Natalie June 8, 2015

    Thanks for the ideas. Love the shorts but what color is your husband wearing?


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