Once In A Blue Moon Shopping Moment

You know those very rare times when you go shopping and everything you try on you LOVE?!?! This only happens to me once in a blue moon, and I just recently had one of these glorious moments and had to share! In this post you’ll find a great dress for a spring event (wedding, Easter), a few great dressier tops and everything in between! Plus, SHOPBOP is having their tiered SALE event and most of it is on SALE! Club Monaco can be a bit pricey, so it’s always a bonus to get their high quality at a discount!  Dress- Club Monaco

This dress is the reason I went shopping on this day. I thought it would be perfect to wear to a talk I was giving, so I went to Club Monaco after finding it online. It ended up being too short for me, but if you are shorter than 5′ 8″ and need a dress for a Spring Wedding or Easter, look no further. Pair this dress with some cute navy flats (here, here and here) and these earrings, and you’re done! If you do, please take a picture and send it to me! I will love you forever! I’m wearing a small in this picture.

Sweater- Club Monaco

Have you guys ever seen a cuter collar? I freaked out over this sweater. I immediately sent a picture of it to a friend. It’s been the perfect addition to my wardrobe because it’s been chilly at night lately, and this sweater is the perfect weight! Plus, I can dress it up with a skirt or down with jeans (more on this outfit in Friday’s post). I’m wearing a small.

Top- Club Monaco, Dress Version- Club Monaco

How cute is this top? I have been having the hardest time finding dressier tops recently, but I found quite a few that I love on this shopping trip! This shirt also comes as a darling lavender dress, which is another great idea for a wedding or Easter. I’m wearing an XS in the picture. I would go up a size so the arms are a little looser.

Top- Club Monaco

Here’s another cute, dressier top. It comes in black, too. I love how feminine this top looks. I’m wearing an xs.

Top- Club Monaco

I love a top that I can wear for any occasion that is also comfortable. I’ve worn this with my maroon coated denim jeans and my bow shoes. I’ve worn this with black jeans and my bow shoes. I’ve worn my new black Anthro jacket over it to add a bit of warmth and edge. Can you tell I’ve been wearing this top nonstop? I’m wearing an xs.

Sweater- Club Monaco

I really have no use for a sweater in Houston (at least not the last two winters), but we are going skiing for Spring Break, and I can’t pass up a nicely fitting, classic navy sweater. I’ll probably add an oxford or a blue jean shirt under it for extra warmth and to change up the look. I’m wearing an xs.

  Top- Club Monaco

If you are going somewhere warm for Spring Break, this top would be darling for your vacation. Plus, you’ll be able to wear it once you get home, too. It is super soft and comfortable. You can wear it off your shoulders or how I’m wearing it in the picture. I’m wearing an xs.

Top- Club Monaco

I love this top because it defines the waistline without hugging it. It’s a figure flattering top that can be worn to work with pants or a skirt just as easily as it can be worn with jeans. I’m wearing an xs.

I’m wearing these jeans in all the pictures.

Now that’s what I call a once in blue moon shopping moment! Happy shopping!


  1. Stacy March 1, 2017

    All adorable!!!! What did you end up
    taking home with you? I’d love to know about your shoes! Looks like a classic heel and inLOVE them with every single outfit.

    • Carly Lee March 1, 2017

      Hey Stacy, I’m glad you like the post! The shoes were a pair of navy suede pumps they had in the dressing room. I’m not sure of the brand. It was not Club Monaco.

  2. Sandy Hartley March 1, 2017

    Oh my word, you got me at that blue dress. Just love it. Great post.

    • Carly Lee March 2, 2017

      You would look adorable in that dress!

  3. Libby March 3, 2017

    Um I love them all!!

    • Carly Lee March 3, 2017

      Ha! Me, too! EEEEEK!


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