What I Wore: Dallas #rStheCon

From left to right: Me, Sheaffer (Sheaffer Told Me To), Cassie (Hi Sugarplum), and Megan (Honey We’re Home)

Last weekend, I attended a blogger conference (#rStheCon) in Dallas, and I had a delightful time with my roommates. I don’t get to see these ladies very often, and I just love the time I get to spend with them. All three of these ladies are so encouraging, and that’s what I love about them. They are like cheerleaders. I had such a great time!

But I have to be real with you guys, the “inadequacy monster” definitely reared its ugly head this weekend. It was far less than it has been in the past, but it was there. I’m grateful I’ve learned to fight back these feelings, and I can tell them to sit down and be quiet! But let me be real, it wasn’t just once I had to fight back. They popped up over and over again! And let me be clear, this had nothing to do with anybody else and everything to do with me. I wonder if I’ll ever grow enough personally to no longer have inadequate feelings pop up. Maybe I’ll eventually be so set on my own personal goals and so focused on my own lane that I won’t have these feelings. Maybe? Let’s hope -ha!

After the conference, I’m looking forward to making a few changes to C. Style, but only the changes that I want to make and not the ones I feel like I should make. I have to be careful because “shoulds” ruled my life for way too long. I drove myself crazy with “shoulds.” I should do this… I should do that… I never even thought about whether I needed or wanted to do something!

Anyway, that’s just a little bit about what was going on on the inside for me in these pics. Now let’s see what was going on on the outside. That’s way more fun, right?

Here’s what I wore:
Tuckernuck Top

This is what I wore for my travel day in the car. Does it look familiar? Ha! I did change my earring since the last post. This earring is way lighter and was more comfortable for the drive from Houston to Dallas. I’ll save my other red earrings for special occasions!

Outfit Links: Top – Tuckernuck (xs), Jacket – Madewell (small), Jeans – Citizens of Humanity, for similar HERE, Sandals – K. Jacques (tts), Earrings – @luckypeacockdesigns

Dodo Bar Or Maxi Dress

I wore this to the pool party the first night. I’ve never received so many compliments in my life. Fashion bloggers are so generous with compliments. It’s quite endearing.

Outfit Links: Dress – Dodo Bar Or (small), HERE and HERE, Bag – Otaat/Myers, for similar HERE and HERE, Earrings – Tuckernuck, for similar HERE and HERE, Sunglasses – Celine, Lip color – NARS

Ruffle Sleeve Top

The next day, I wore my new $69 top! I told myself I would not buy a cold shoulder top or billowy sleeve top this season because I knew they would go out of style very quickly.  Then I found this top and it was cute, $69, and I felt fantastic in it. I was SOLD!

Outfit Links: Top – J.O.A. (xs), Jeans – J. Crew (24, one size down), Sandals – K. Jacques (tts), Earrings – J. Crew

Ruffle Sleeve TopFirst of all, this pose is a total joke. I was being silly, but it ended up being the best picture of my outfit. Ha! Anyway, I love to transition my outfits from day to night, but I can’t take credit for this look! My friend came over and helped me pack (what a good friend, huh?), and she said, “What about that top tucked into a skirt?” Genius!!! I love the way it turned out. I tried it with my pleated black leather skirt, but the curvy hem of this skirt went better with the curvy lines of my blouse.

OutfitLinks:  Top – J.O.A.(xs), Skirt -similar Cece, Shoes – Sam Edelman (tts), Earrings – Misa, for similar HERE

Distressed Jeans

I wore this outfit all day on Friday. I bought this white top for the conference, and I’m loving it! I love the price point for the statement sleeve trend. Plus, it’s a relaxed fit, which is nice… just sayin’. But, I did sloppy tuck it to define my waistline. It’s funny to me how you can really spice up an outfit with little touches like distressed jeans, a statement sleeve, pretty sandals and a fun earring, because this outfit is basically just a white top and jeans.

Outfit Links: Top – Topshop (4US), Jeans – for similar PaigeHERE and HERE, Sandals – K. Jacques (tts), Earrings – Mercedes Salazar

Donald Robertson Rainbow Tee

This outfit happened accidentally. I brought both tops to wear during down time. Then a cold front came in, and I was freezing the entire day because I was completely unprepared for cold weather. That evening I decided to get creative with layering for warmth! I ended up layering my colorful popover under my t-shirt and my jean jacket on top. It ended up looking really cute!

Outfit Links: Top – J. Crew (2), Rainbow Tee – Junk Food (medium), Jacket – Madewell (small), Jeans – Paige, for similar HERE and HERE, Sneakers – Dolce Vita (tts), and HERE, Earrings – Genie Mack


  1. Anne April 26, 2017

    I think any woman (if we are being honest) would have the same feelings as you did at the conference! I imagine it’s difficult not to compare with a bunch of beautiful high achievers together, but the truth is that all of you guys have different and special gifts! I have followed all of the bloggers above and appreciate each for the different ideas and styles you each bring. I especially enjoy your practical and edgy style along with a touch of class! Keep being you…it totally works! 🙂

    • Carly Lee April 26, 2017

      Thank you, Anne. This is what I kept saying to myself. I appreciate all the bloggers there and their gifts. Plus, it really has nothing to do with anybody else and it has everything to do with me.

  2. Phyllis April 26, 2017

    Oh gosh. You are not alone in this by a loooong stretch. I guarantee you that if we are honest, most of us {all of us?} have gone down this dead end of “compare and contrast” many times. It may be common but it’s not very encouraging! An event or memory becomes pressure-filled and not as fun as it could have been.

    If it helps {and you probably already do this}, what I try to make myself do when those times come up is I immediately start saying {to myself!} all the things I’m grateful for ~ either physically {health, good hair day, fun makeup, cute shoes, or sometimes it’s just “glad I have no hangnails”. ha} OR just life in general good things. It somehow seems to re-direct the comparing and the coming up short. Btw, why is it that when we do this comparing, we always seem to come up short? Why don’t we ever seem to come up fine?! But of course, the better question is your point ~ why do we compare either way?! It’s not kind to others if we compare and we come up “ahead” but it’s also not kind to ourselves when we compare and come up supposedly “lacking”. And funny thing, I promise you that someone was comparing themselves to darling you and felt like they lacked somewhere!

    It’s honestly such a waste of time and so unproductive {yet I still do it too!}. I happen to be blessed to know someone who fled Syria a while ago. He is a very dapper older gentlemen my husband and I met when we hired a car service to take us to a concert and he was our driver. But here’s the REAL story…he has two Master’s Degrees in engineering, speaks five languages, owned a business in Syria with 60 employees and one day at work he gets a call from his wife that an ISIS General just came to their home looking for him. He knew what that meant as a Christian man of means and education in Syria. Many of his friends had already disappeared or been killed. So he fled Syria overnight with the clothes on his back. {And that ISIS General now lives in his home.} AND YET…he was THE MOST positive, gracious, grateful person I’ve ever met. He seemed thrilled to just be alive. And beyond grateful that his family is still also alive. He’s doing a job he probably never dreamed he would be doing yet he isn’t basing his worth or happiness on what he “lacks” compared to the people he drives around. My husband and I found him so uplifting and amazing that we actually sought him out later through the car service and he is a dear friend now. He blesses me ~ and reminds me ~ about what REALLY matters. Of course, I still fall back into the comparing game, but seeing him so grateful for just being alive, helps remind me to stop doing that!

    Sorry for the long reply. This is just such a reoccurring theme for so many of us ~ and it has only intensified in this Pinterest age. It can be a harmful habit and it’s so important that we help each other as best we can figure out ways to navigate it!

    • Carly Lee April 26, 2017

      YES! YES YES!! Phyllis, I wish I could have you on speed dial! I love everything you said in your comment! I’m going to refer to your comment next time those familiar feelings start to inch in. I have started to replace my feelings with gratitude! Yay me! It’s actually what I did at the conference! You are so right about the “Pinterest age.” You nail it overtime!

  3. Amy April 26, 2017

    Honey you know those feelings are totally normal and I’m sure everyone in that conference felt the same. You are so good at what you do, just because people are doing something different than you doesn’t mean it is better. Please don’t feel like you have to change into someone else we like you just the way you are! And being able to express those feelings makes you stronger and even more likable!! I’m right there with you sister. I thought when we get older we are supposed to be more secure with ourselves?!? When does that start? Maybe I used to be young and stupid and had no clue? Not sure but being clueless to those feelings felt pretty good at the time!

    • Carly Lee April 26, 2017

      THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for your comment! Ha! I was just thinking the same thing! I didn’t used to have these feeling, I want to go back to being clueless!

  4. Cathy Adams May 18, 2017

    Can you tell me where you got the black dress? (looks like it has some flowers on it)
    Thanks and love everything you post!!!!


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