Weekend Edition: Inexpensive Outdoor Furniture

Thank you all for your comments last week! It was nice to hear from you! Your comments made my week so fun! I hope everyone has had a great start to the summer. We’ve been hanging outside a lot. I’ve done a few Instastories that show my outdoor furniture, and there have been lots of questions about where to find the outdoor furniture. First, I must give credit where credit is due. My sister, @tellittoyourneighbor, always finds the best stuff! Get it?…tell it to your neighbor… Anyway, I’m lucky to call her my sister, but you can hear about all of her cool finds, too, on her Instagram account. The bench is from Target and…
Outdoor Furniture

… the chairs are from Ikea! Yup, you can thank my sister! I put the bench in our back courtyard to sit on while my boys and I play with the dog. It’s been a fun addition! Btw, the nicest young man from Target carried this bench from the back of the store all the way to my car. My boys were with me, and it was such a moment- a teaching moment, a feel good moment, a moment where I could shut out the news headlines and know that the light is BIG and is shining in our everyday lives. Anyway, I digress… clearly. These chairs are on the side of our pool where we gather the most. Wet suits? Who cares! Want to pull the chair up for some more shade or to get closer to the table? No problem because they’re plastic!

Inexpensive outdoor furniture I don’t have to clean, seal, or wash… Yes, please!

Outdoor Furniture
In real life.

Furniture Links: Chairs – Ikea, Bench – Target


  1. Jeanie June 19, 2017

    Love your pup!

  2. Vicki Molina June 22, 2017

    Can you tell me where the cubes are from that you used for a table?


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