About Me

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About Me:

I’m a (recovering) perfectionist, the wife to a man who is always good for a hug, and the mom of two boys. Becoming a mom was the best thing that ever happened to me because this perfectionist got a well needed kick in the butt! Ha! During that defining time (aka “my deep dark hole”), I started a styling business and blog as an outlet, and both proved to be more rewarding than I ever imagined. I didn’t realize how therapeutic it would be and how much growth I would experience through sharing not only style, but my messy life struggles with you all. Thank you for coming along with me and for reading C. Style.

31 Things You May Not Know About Me:

  1. // For a long time I thought the “wind chill factor” was the “windshield factor.” I would even touch the windshield to predict it. Yup, I did that.
  2. // Big brand logos are not my thing.
  3. // My favorite thing to do is laugh.
  4. // I’ve taken over 25 tennis lessons, and I still can’t play tennis. I’ve finally moved on.
  5. // I cry every Sunday at church.
  6. // I was born with Poland’s syndrome. I had only one breast, and I have a missing pectoral muscle.
  7. // I have dreams of converting to a capsule wardrobe.
  8. // I am tone deaf and get the words to songs wrong all the time. “Beast of Burden” = Big Suburban.
  9. // I cried the first time one of my sons made a soccer goal.
  10. // I tried out for everything in high school and never made a team.
  11. // Before I buy something, I come up with at least three things I can wear it with.
  12. // I’m practical to a fault. My style proves it.
  13. // My mom was an alcoholic, and I lost her when I was 23.
  14. // My faith is the most important thing in my life.
  15. // I sit in the same chair and drink coffee in complete silence every day.
  16. // I only started drinking coffee 4 years ago.
  17. // I’ve been journaling since junior high.
  18. // I crave deep conversation.
  19. // I get teary eyed at least once a day.
  20. // My favorite part of the day is when my son comes next to my bed and whispers, “Good morning, Mommy.”
  21. // I hold “things” loosely, and I love to purge.
  22. // My pet peeve is when the windshield wipers are going too fast for the amount of rain.
  23. // I love to shoot hoops.
  24. // I am extremely forgetful and often show up for things on the wrong day…often.
  25. // I love clothes but not that much.
  26. // I don’t like taking pictures, go figure.
  27. // If I’m not reading a book, I know something’s off.
  28. // Thanks to my dad, I know how to shoot a gun, fish, pitch a tent, shoot a bow and arrow, and change a flat tire.
  29. // I love playing Golden Tee, and I’m oddly good at it, too. Just ask my husband.
  30. // I only wear comfortable shoes.
  31. // My hope for the future is to not care what other people think. I’m getting there.