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Hi! I’m Carly. Thanks for stopping by C.Style! My husband, my boys and my faith are my first loves.  My second loves are style, fashion and clothes.  I live in Houston, TX, born and raised, and I love it here.

About C. Style

I started C. Style as a much needed outlet for myself. I left an 8-year sales career when I had my two sons. It’s hard to admit, but it was extremely difficult for me. I lovingly refer to that time as my “deep dark hole”. I found that I was lonely and not my usually extroverted self. I was not the same “Carly”.  I also somehow lost my sense of style and even my passion for clothes. But it’s ok! It all happened for a reason, because I learned a ton about myself!  The turning point came when I met two of my closest girlfriends for dinner. On the way I said a little prayer that my friends would have some advice to help me. During our long discussion that was centered around nothing but me (got to love good friends), we started talking about my love for clothes. They said they would like me to help them clear out their closets, put together outfits and shop. I couldn’t believe my ears! I was so excited! I remember going home that night and coming up with a plan to start C. Style. But, I wanted to share my finds, tips and tricks with all my friends, so I decided to blog about it, too! And so the craziness began, I started taking pictures of myself and posting them on the Internet.  Who does that?!?! Ha!

I want C. Style to be a place that is fun and void of any posts that leave readers feeling inadequate. I want it to be a happy place. There are too many times in my life when I felt that style was unachievable, intimidating and stuffy. I feel that everyone deserves to have fun with clothes and feel good in their skin. I understand this goes way beyond clothes, and here is a little bit about my personal experience (here). But there is nothing worse than feeling like you hate what you have on. It can ruin your whole day (or at least it can ruin mine) –ha! After all, we’re not trying to be models in Vogue, we just want to look good and have fun! I try to convey my love for clothes by sharing “real” style tips and tricks with little bits about my “real life”.  I am an open book on C. Style and in life in general.  And every time I am, you guys give me a big hug back.  I can’t thank you all enough. Your encouraging words keep me going and are what motivate me. Thank you, because in the end, I don’t really care what anyone wears, as long as they feel good in their skin.