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What an exciting way to start the new year! I’m honored to be featured in Papercity Magazine’s Pretty City article, where I dish about my beauty routine! I had no idea when they were going to run their Pretty City feature, and it just so happens that it coincides with the new year! Trust me, the routine stays true to my style- it’s practical with products that are both high-end and low-end. I hope you all enjoy it!  Thank you to Kathleen Jennings of the Beauty Now App and Papercity for this opportunity. I loved every minute of it!

You’re Invited!

Elaine Turner

I hope this outfit entices you because next Tuesday, I would love for you to join me at the grand opening of Elaine Turner’s BLVD Boutique! Almost everything I have on is from Elaine Turner and can be found at her BLVD store.


If you’re in Houston, I’d love for you to join me in celebrating the wonderful and wild success of native Houstonian, Elaine Turner. Since opening in 2000, Elaine has opened 10 boutiques (including her boutique on Madison Ave. in NYC). But one of the best things about Elaine is that she is constantly giving back to our hometown, Houston. Now that, in itself, is something to celebrate!

Elaine Turner

In addition to great bags and shoes, Elaine Turner now offers clothes, jewelry and accessories. This cashmere wrap is so warm and comfy, not to mention chic!

Elaine Turner

Now, if you’re not in Houston, don’t worry because she also has a website!

Elaine Turner

I’m very much looking forward to celebrating Elaine Turner and her BLVD store opening.  I hope to see you there!

Outfit Links:

Cashmere Wrap- Elaine Turner, Blouse- In store, Earrings- Elaine Turner, Bag- Elaine Turner, Boots- Elaine Turner, Hat- In store, Pants- Anthropologie

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