The Real Reason a Statement Earring is a Necessity

I love a statement earring! I have good memories of going through my mom’s jewelry when I was young, and I also have good memories of watching her try on different earrings to see which one made her outfit. And that’s just it- accessories always make my outfits. But, if you ask me, the best part is that when they are unique enough, they can put a pep in your step or act as an instant ice breaker. I learned this the night I wore big, blue fur ball statement earrings. I had the best time because my earrings served as an instant ice breaker and conversation starter. This might be cheesy to say, but the next time you’re gearing up to go to an event where you might not know anyone or it’s kinda intimidating for any given reason, try wearing a really fun accessory. If nothing else, you’ll feel good and hopefully they’ll serve as a conversation starter. So if you ask me, a statement earring is a necessity! I think I may have just convinced myself to buy at least two new pairs of these statement earrings! Ha! Which one is your favorite?

Fun Friday

Dress- J.Crew, Shirt- J.Crew, Necklace- BaubleBar for similar, Shoes- Sam Edelman, Earrings- Nordstrom for similar

Happy Friday! I’m excited for this weekend. My aunt and cousin are coming in town, and it’s my birthday on Monday! Wahoo! I haven’t done a “Fun Friday” post in awhile, so I thought I’d do one because it’s my birthday and I think they are fun!

First up, this is just a reminder to not forget about this great trick! I absolutely love to change up an outfit by simply adding a collared shirt. I often put them under dresses to change up the look or under another shirt for extra warmth! When I wore this outfit recently, I was asked a lot about how I keep my collared shirt in place under my dress. I have two tricks. First, I will tuck the collared shirt into my underwear. I’ll even wear granny panties so I can tuck it all in. (TMI? Oh well.) If that doesn’t work, I’ll wear a tube slip to flatten out the extra fabric. See here, here and here for other examples.

Butter dish- Arte Italica, Soap- Marseilles liquid soap

My sister recently came over, saw this, and told me I had to share. I don’t know about you, but the soap that gets all over my counter kinda drives me crazy and can ruin counters, so I took my pretty butter dish and use it as my soap holder! Why not use it?! It beats it being stuck in my cabinet -ha! Free the butter dish!

Probiotic- Nature’s Way

My boys have had tummy issues since I can remember. I used to put Miralax in their orange juice every morning, but then I was educated on the benefit of probiotics. I started taking them and have really noticed a difference, so I bought them for my boys. They hated them. They wouldn’t take them because they tasted funny. I was determined to find some they’d take, so I cornered the guy at Whole Foods and asked him which probiotic that they run out of or that the moms come in and buy the most. I use this trick with clothes, too. He said, “That’s easy, this one.” Sure enough, my boys love taking these “orange pills.” They think it’s candy. I don’t correct them. Why would I? Ha!

Pillow- Furbish for similar

My friend, Ashley Goforth, continues to help me with my house. I’m loving it! We just added these amazing colorful pillows that make my family room even more bright and happy. I, of course, had to add my favorite “ain’t nobody got time for that” pillow to the mix!

Celfie Vase- Amzon or here for more sizes

My girlfriend gave me this lady with the spiky hair for Christmas. I love her. She makes me smile every time I do the dishes. OK, maybe not every time. Ha! If you are looking for a cute little gift, look no further. This reminds me, I should buy a few to keep around for hostess gifts!

Product pictures by Traci Ling.