I’m All In On This Sandal Trend

pom pom sandals

For someone who relies heavily on accessories to spruce up basic outfits, this trend seems a little too perfect for me. Have you ever seen a more fun and colorful sandal trend?! I’m all in with the colorful pompom sandal trend, and the fact that they come in a variety of price points just makes me giddy! The sandals pictured above are from Target!

Which ones are calling your name? They are ALL calling mine… eeeeek! I don’t normally splurge on trends, but this trend might be too fun for me not to….

Post picture by Traci Ling

Men’s Shoes: Move Over Flip Flops and Grey Sneakers!

Men's Spring Style Shoes

It’s the time of year when we ladies start breaking out our cute sandals, espadrilles, wedges, backless shoes, slide ons and stylish sneakers, and the guys start breaking out their…their…?!?!? Think about it… they don’t really have a plethora of options. Sure they can break out their flip flops or grey tennis shoes, but what about something different?!? Something a bit more stylish! Around this time every year, my husband starts looking for spring/summer shoes that he can wear with casual pants, jeans and shorts. So when Nordstrom asked me to look into doing a spring post for men, I knew exactly what I wanted to do!

It all started with the navy Tod’s (#1). I saw them at Nordstrom, took a picture of them and sent them to my husband. He loved them! Of course he did because they are TOD’s -ha! That got us looking through Nordstrom’s site for other good spring/summer shoes for him. He is picky, so here’s the good news: my husband is so picky that you have a pretty sure bet on any of these shoes.  Here’s what we found:

1. Tod’s Marlin Penny Loafer- Where it all started.

2. Tod’s Gommini Tie Front Driving Moccasin- The blue suede color of these shoes is so pretty. I joke with my husband that the only color he wears is blue. If your guy is the same way, these would match everything in his closet -ha!

3. Swims Penny Loafer- I feel like I’ve posted these a million times, but everyone always tells me how much they love their Swims. These shoes are rubber and mesh, so they can be completely submerged underwater and dry out immediately. Move over flip flops.

4. J&M 1850 Allister Sneaker- Do you remember the old school Vans with the brown rubber bottoms? Yup, these are totally hip. What does a guy wear with his t-shirt and shorts in the summer? Move over flip flops and grey sneakers, a cool new, hip sneaker is in town. These come in 6 different colors.

5. Cole Haan ‘Pinch’ Penny Loafer- I love this look. Who doesn’t love a preppy throwback? Don’t these look awfully similar to #1? They’re a third of the price! These also come in different colors, here and here.

6. Reaction Kenneth Cole Pot Luck Loafer- My cousin’s husband has these shoes, and I love the way they look on him. If your guy isn’t super preppy but he’s not real trendy either, these meet perfectly in the middle. They are classic. These come in a few different colors, including navy. Hmmmmmm…..

7. 1901 Bermuda Driving Shoe- If you ask me, this shoe is a sure bet. What guy wouldn’t like this shoe and the price? Plus, it comes in NINE different colors. NINE!

8. Vans ‘Classic’ Slip-on Sneaker- My husband wears his grey Vans slip-ons ALL THE TIME.

9. TOMS ‘Classic’ Canvas Slip-on- For guys, TOMS in the summer just makes sense. To me, they are the perfect flip flop alternative. My husband and I both really liked the jute they added around the sole.

Shoe Links: 1. Tod’s Marlin Penny Loafer 2. Tod’s Gommini Tie Front Driving Moccasin 3. Swims Penny Loafer 4. J&M 1850 Allister Sneaker 5. Cole Haan ‘Pinch’ Penny Loafer 6. Reaction Kenneth Cole Pot Luck Loafer 7. 1901 Bermuda Driving Shoe 8. Vans ‘Classic’ Slip-on Sneaker 9. TOMS ‘Classic’ Canvas Slip-on