The One Accessory That Multitasks Better than the Rest

JOCELYN Genuine Rabbit Fur Infinity ScarfIf there is one accessory I keep pulling out recently, it’s my fur scarves. I know, it’s odd, right? Fur in Houston? I used to wear my cotton scarves non-stop and they show it, but I’ve missed using them to tie together outfits. That’s why I started pulling out my fur scarves. When I put on my fur scarf, I noticed that it added a little bit of edge to my outfit. It made my outfit feel a little bit more hip. Now scroll down and look at the next picture. Do you notice anything odd?…

JOCELYN Genuine Rabbit Fur Infinity Scarf

Outfit Links: Top- Madewell; Jeans- Paige; Shoes- Similar here; Scarf- Jocelyn; Purse- Stella McCartney; Sunglasses- Celine

…I’m hoping you said no, but you may have noticed the blue makeup bag string hanging out of my purse- ha!  All that to say, if someone recommended I wear a fur scarf with a short sleeve shirt, I would look at them like they were crazy. Yet, it looks great! In the morning, I wore my black moto jacket with my scarf, and as the day warmed up, I shed the jacket and just wore the scarf.

JOCELYN Genuine Rabbit Fur Infinity Scarf

I was digging this scarf (above) that I bought from Anthropologie last year so much that I went out and bought another one over the holidays…

Outfit Links: Top- Similar here; Jeans- Madewell; Shoes- Similar here; Scarf- Similar Saint Bernard; Jacket- here

I bought this one (above) during Saint Bernard’s Black Friday sale. I love it because it goes with everything!


Fur scarves also feel dressier to me, which makes it super fun to wear with a casual utility jacket. The mix is fun and unexpected! But I’ve even worn one with a cocktail dress to jazz it up! I was headed to an event that was close to “cocktail attire” and knew I wanted to wear this short dress. But it was chilly that night, so to warm myself and my look up, I added my fur scarf!

Here are a few of my favorite “fur” scarves on the market.

Pictures by Traci Ling


Valentine’s Ready

Gilded Heart Hoops

I love a fun accessory, but a fun, themed accessory that I can wear all year round makes me  just GIDDY! I can’t help it, I’m kinda nerdy like that. I’m a sucker for for cute themed t-shirts to wear for certain holidays (Valentine’s, Halloween, etc). I used to wear them under my work suits. It was so fun! That’s why I’m always looking for fun ways to celebrate a holiday! This year, I’ve found the perfect accessory to help me celebrate Valentine’s Day! Heart hoop earrings that you can wear all year round. I mean, how cute would these be with a sundress or a tank top and shorts in the middle of summer?! I’m in! The pair I’m wearing in the picture are from Anthropologie, and they are only available in store. The other option allows you to choose the size of your heart hoop, the clear winner for those of you who like a smaller hoop.  And then there is the rose gold option. (I had my sister and my cousin at rose gold). Fun, just plain fun.

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings (Growing Hearts)
I am a BIG feeler, and I always thought it was a bad quality, one to be ashamed of, until recently. You know the “you’re too sensitive” comments of youth? I carried those sentiments around for way too long and let them make me feel ashamed. Well, by golly, I am sensitive! And that’s ok! In fact, it makes me extremely empathetic. And if there is one thing I want to pass on to my boys, it is that if they are sensitive and need help talking about their feeling (I desperately needed help talking about my feelings), I am all ears! I find that books are the easiest way to get them talking about their feelings… to get the ball rolling, if you will. (Btw, my counselor told me they have entire seminars on the importance of helping children talk about their feelings!)

“In My Heart” makes for the sweetest bedtime story moments, and it sure does beat buying them another piece of candy for Valentine’s Day! We have boatloads over here. Oh, and I learned something about myself in this great “book of feelings”– the cure to heartbreak is hope, and I also learned that I feel shy quite a bit. Maybe I’m a shy extrovert.