Cropped Denim, Are You In?

Jazmin Crop Straight Leg Jeans CITIZENS OF HUMANITY I’ve received more compliments on these jeans than any other jeans I’ve ever worn. To be honest, it baffles me. You see, I like tight jeans, and I haven’t seen a pair of cropped jeans that don’t give me flashbacks to a pair of cropped capri pants I wore the tar out of not too long ago. Ha! But, I like to follow trends, so during a particularly weak moment after I had been wearing a pair of high waisted, tight, skinny jeans all day and felt sick to my stomach (ok, maybe that’s a little too tight -ha!), I bought these jeans. I wore them out, and low and behold, everyone was asking me where I bought my jeans!

Jazmin Crop Straight Leg Jeans CITIZENS OF HUMANITYJeans – Citizens of Humanity here and here

I have come to realize that a cropped, looser fitting jean is a nice piece to have in your jean arsenal. They’re on trend and they’re comfy, but for me, more than anything, they can give my “cutesy” outfit the perfect amount of edge. You know how it’s on trend to mix up your styles? Like, instead of just wearing an all preppy outfit, it’s “cool” to combine preppy with edgy or classic with distressed. Well, these jeans do just that for my closet. For example…

Jazmin Crop Straight Leg Jeans CITIZENS OF HUMANITY

Outfit links: Top – Similar HERE, Jeans – Citizens of Humanity here and here, Sneakers –  Puma, Watch – Kate Spade, Earrings – Madewell, Lip – NARS.

…a classic look of a stripe top with white tennis shoes get a bit of edge with my cropped jeans, or…

Jazmin Crop Straight Leg Jeans CITIZENS OF HUMANITY

Outfit links: Top – Similar HERE and HERE, Jeans – Citizens of Humanity here and here, Sandals – K. Jacques, Similar HERE.

…a #prettywhitetop from years ago gets an updated look with a new pair of cropped jeans.

A few styling notes: These jeans came with a cuff sewn at a certain place. I wanted to have the flexibility to cuff them the way I wanted to, just like in the picture above. Also, I went down one size and I wish I had gone down two sizes. I said I liked tight -ha!


A New Handbag Brand That Will Stop You In Your Tracks (It Did Me, Anyway)

Bag- Antonello Tedde

I’m admittedly not a handbag connoisseur. I’ve started to take a bit more interest in handbags, but I usually find other things I’d rather spend my money on, like jeans- ha! But I have to say, Antonello Tedde’s handbags stopped me in my tracks the first time I saw them. These handbags are like pieces of art… and they should be -ha! You may remember this bag (above) from my recent resort wear post. Once I posted it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I asked my husband to get it for me for my birthday.

Once I saw how beautiful it was in person and how many compliments I received, I knew I had to share. Here are few of my favorite Antonello Tedde Bags:

Aren’t they so pretty and unique?! They are even prettier in person. I found Antonello Tedde bags at Shopbop, Bergdorff Goodman, Saks, Intermix, MatchesFashion, and M’ODA ‘OPERANDI. Side Note: I already spilled a water bottle in the bottom of my bag (#hotmessmama), and the colors didn’t bleed and it dried right off!

And who doesn’t love a good knock off?


Picture by Traci Ling. A special thanks to my friend Lauren B. for giving me a heads up on a good knock off.