The “It” Black Flat of the Season

Kate Spade Gala MulesKate Spade Mules

Happy Monday! I consider black flats a wardrobe staple, especially during this time of year. I have been waiting for a new black flat style to come along that I could get excited about, and it finally happened! I noticed that black mules were coming back! Yes, I had a pair of black mules back in the day, and I’m happy to wear them again! This time I won’t wear them with my boot cut jeans and a studded black tank -ha! Hmmmm, I wonder if I could find that picture… Anyway, mules look darling with skinny jeans, black pants, skirts and dresses. See why I couldn’t pass them up? Not only could I not pass them up, but I ended up buying two pairs. You see, I ordered the pair above (a bit of a splurge for me), so I also bought the pair below thinking I could return the splurge pair. Well, that didn’t happen because I loved them both! I wore the pair below with jeans on Friday and then changed into the pair above for a birthday party in the evening! It’s safe to say I like this black mule trend. I’m in.

Steve Madden Razzi Velvet MulesSteve Madden Mules

I’m trying something new today- hover over each shoe to see where you can buy them. That way you can choose your favorite retailer.

The Best Casual Pants for Men


My husband is going to get razzed so hard by his friends for this post! Ha! But it’s a really good post because I am sharing THE BEST CASUAL PANT on the market for men (according to the Lees anyway), so it’s worth it!  It’s practically impossible for my husband to find a  decent pair of pants that are “hip” (not old and fuddy duddy looking), not too tight, not too skinny, not too baggy, and that are soft and comfortable! That’s why when Nordstrom asked me to consider sharing a post on their menswear, I immediately agreed because I’ve been wanting to share this perfect pant!img_9402

Meet the Graduate by AG. The perfect casual pant for every occasion, especially all the upcoming holiday festivities! My husband doesn’t like his pants too tight in the legs and crotch. Can you blame him? I’d say he’s picky, but those requirements just seem smart and practical. Here’s the thing, although he doesn’t want his pants too tight, he doesn’t want them to be baggy either. We both went through that phase… it wasn’t pretty. We just looked frumpy and old. I promise, I have pictures to prove it. Well, that problem is solved because the AG’s have a stretch to them that makes them extremely comfortable, while still retaining their shape.

They are not jeans or slacks, which makes them even more versatile! They can be worn with a sport coat just as easily as they can be worn with a t-shirt!

img_9407Unlike the original AG Proteges that we first got hooked on after a nice sales associate at Nordstrom introduced them to us, the Graduate has a perfectly tapered leg. They’re not too tapered, but they’re not baggy and wide. They’re just right.

If you don’t believe me, just look at the reviews online! WOW! You can order them to the house for all the coming festivities, or you can wrap them up under the tree. It’s a no risk purchase since Nordstrom has free shipping and returns.

Oh, and the shirt he is wearing is fabulous, too! It’s a slimmer fit that isn’t too tight or too baggy. He’s wearing the Peter Millar ‘Nanoluxe’ Regular Fit Wrinkle Free Shirt in large. He usually wears an XL, but since this is a ‘regular fit’, the large kept the shirt from being baggy.

Oh, and do you remember these boots from the Nordstrom Anniversary Post? I won. What? I’m just sayin’.


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