What I Really Want For Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

For some reason, this Mother’s Day week has me feeling nostalgic. Looking back on all the Mother’s Days I’ve celebrated since becoming a mom has been kind of therapeutic for me. I have to say, for one reason or another, they can be emotional for me and a bit confusing. There are lots of emotions that roll around in my head on Mother’s Day.

First off, it can be hard for me because I lost my mom, but it can also be hard because my relationship with my mom was, and still is, a bit confusing (she was an alcoholic). But there is also the part of celebrating me being a mom, which is the very best and hardest job (as we all know). Looking back on any given Mother’s Day, I’ve wanted to celebrate in a variety of different ways.  For instance, when my boys were babies, I just wanted to sleep. When my boys were toddlers, I just wanted to getaway and enjoy some peace and quiet (which I felt guilty about). On other Mother’s Days, I didn’t even know what I wanted because I didn’t know myself anymore. I wonder what a Mother’s Day will be like when my kids are grown.

What I do know is, on every Mother’s day, all I really want is to feel loved and appreciated. I want my family to see and feel the love I have for them. I want them to know how hard I try and how much I love them. As we come to yet another Mother’s Day, I’m not sure what the day will hold for me, so when my husband asked me what I wanted to do and what I wanted for Mother’s Day, I knew I needed to take care of myself. To be honest, my impulse was to just say something like, “I don’t know, whatever…”, but then I thought about it for a second longer and realized I knew exactly what I want to do and what I want (frankly this is cause for a personal celebration, since there were many years I didn’t even know what I liked to do). So why not tell him?! I’m grateful he prompted me to have this conversation because as I’ve learned, he can’t read my mind, so I’ve got to tell him!

I told him that I don’t want to go to a Mother’s Day Brunch or a fancy restaurant, I want to hang out at the house with the boys by the pool. I want to grill out, have a glass of white wine, and maybe watch a movie or a show with the boys, too.

Then I sent him these two pictures of what I wanted:

I mean he asked, right?! HA! I’m loving Ariel Gordon‘s jewelry that my friend Nicole (@gobendie) introduced me to. I knew immediately I wanted to share her stuff with you guys! It’s unique jewelry that I can wear everyday! EVERYDAY! And you know I love EVERYDAY style!

Here’s a few more of my favorites from her site (click on pictures):

These are the coolest birthstone necklaces I’ve seen. They’re so unique! One birthstone for every kiddo! As my friend pointed out, you could do your whole family including yourself and your husband, too.

Here are my other favorites (click on pictures):

How pretty is all the jewelry?! Well, and the nail polish. I had to include it- it’s rainbow!

FYI- If you decide you want a little Ariel Gordon sussy for yourself this Mother’s Day, you probably won’t get your item in time, but good things come to those who wait, right? HA!

The Best Basic Tee

Basic Tee

Guess what else my sister and I found on our EPIC shopping trip?!?! The very best basic tees! I know, can you believe? It really was EPIC… errrr, amazing!  A basic t-shirt and jeans is my go to uniform, and a basic tee I feel attractive in is a bonus. This tee doesn’t hug and isn’t see-through, but it’s still fitted and sliming! Plus, the v isn’t too low! Ummm, is all that even possible in a tee? Apparently it is!

Basic Tee

You guys know I love a sloppy tuck because it defines the waistline and is sliming. Well, what I like about this tee is the hem because it goes up on the sides, which makes it very slimming. The hem doesn’t draw a horizontal line at the widest part of the body (hips) like most tees.

Basic Tee

As for fit, my sister (on left) is wearing an xs, and I’m wearing an xxs. My shoulders are a little narrower and my chest is hollow (well,  on one side -ha!), so I like the xxs on me.

If you are like me, you like to see how clothes move! My sister and I took some goofy boomerang videos for you guys so you can see how the tee moves! I hope you get a good chuckle. My sister is counting in 8s because I cannot, for the life on me, stay on beat. HAHAHAHA!

See, aren’t these tees great?!?!

Oh, and I almost forgot! One always needs a good t-shirt bra, and this one is my all time favorite!

Bra link: Wacoal

What we’re wearing:


Outfit Links: Erica’s tee – BP, Jeans – Articles of Society, Earrings – Genie Mack. Carly’s tee – BP, Jeans – OLD Citizen of Humanity, for similar HERE, Earrings – Mercedes Salazar

The best jean find EVER and the best basic tee all in one shopping trip! Now that’s what I’m talking about! I wish every shopping trip was like this, but those only happen once in a blue moon. So for now, I’ll revel in it and wear the snot out of my new jeans and tees!

Photos by: Traci Ling

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