A Trip to Maine

J. Crew Tops

I absolutely love shopping for vacations! Love it! There’s something about enjoying the anticipation of a vacation through shopping that I love- the daydreaming, the anticipation, the excitement. This explains why I love to shop for others who are going on vacation so much. It’s almost like I get to go on a mini vacation in my mind!

My mother-in-law is headed to Maine for a month. She loves that area of the country, so she found a cute cottage on a rental site and booked it for a month. How cool is that? For her birthday/Mother’s Day, I decided to shop for her trip! She is an avid reader of C. Style and has been such a blessing to me. She is my number 1 fan, always readily giving out compliments and encouragement, which I can get all teary eyed over. She’s always reading the latest C. Style posts, and we like to discuss them, so I know her style requirements pretty well. I know she’s not a big fan of v-necks, she prefers her shirts looser because of her insulin pump, and she prefers her arms to be mostly covered.

Well, I was excited to find shirts that fit all three requirements. Plus, they are lightweight, darling and perfect for a vacation in Maine! Hello, navy and white nautical stripe tee! Hello, pink linen lightweight shirt! Hello, navy cotton, softest shirt you’ve ever felt in your entire life (I had to buy myself one)! What I love about all of these tops is that they would go perfectly with white jeans or white shorts. I bought her a pair of navy blue stud earrings (she prefers studs) to tie it all together! Boom! All packed for Maine! See, I feel like I’ve just been to the coast of Maine in a navy and white stripe tee, walked the streets of a cute town in the pink linen shirt, and eaten lobster in my navy lightweight shirt!

Top Links: Pink Top – J. Crew, Navy/White Stripe Top – J. Crew, Navy Linen Top –  J. Crew, Earrings – J. Crew 

Father’s Day Favorite’s Round Up

I decided to do a post of all of my husband’s favorite items in this Father’s Day Favorite’s Round Up. Why reinvent the wheel, right? All these items are tried and true, and let’s be honest, what we really want is a gift he won’t take back. That’s what I want, anyway. Now, I can’t make any promises, but it sure does beat taking a shot in the dark. The best part is two of his favorites are on SALE! Wahoo! So without further ado, here are my husband’s favorites:

one. These Peter Millar Regular Sport Shirts are my husband’s go-to casual button down shirts. I originally posted about them here. My husband is a big guy. He’s 6′ 5″, and shirts are usually baggy on him but not these. The fit is just right. He usually wears an XL, but since this is a ‘regular fit’, the large keeps the shirt from being too baggy.

two. These are my husbands favorite shorts. He has been wearing them for the last two years, since I originally posted about them here.  He wears them casually, but he also wears them golfing. They are not too tight, not too short, they stretch, and they are a great fit. My husband’s shorts have stains all over them, that shows how much he wears them. He probably doesn’t appreciate me sharing this. Ha! The shorts run true to size.

three.  I posted “The Best Casual Pant EVER” last year and the title says it all. They are not too tight, not too baggy, not too casual, not too dressy… they’re the best casual pant ever. These also have stains all over them. Hmmmm, maybe I need to do a post titled, “what has stains on it from my husband’s closets”… he would kill me. Let’s hope he doesn’t read this post.

four. I know you’ve seen SWIMS on here a thousand times (not really, but it does feel like I blog about them a lot), but that’s because they are really that good! All my husband’s friends love them, too. They really are the perfect casual shoe and flip flop alternative!

five. This is where I deviate from my husband’s favorite’s to let you all know what I’m getting my husband for Father’s Day, since he already has all of the above. Now I really hope he’s not reading this post. HA!

Vinglace Vinglace

VINGLACE is the coolest invention ever! Think of it as a YETI cooler for your wine bottle. This is THE PERFECT GIFT FOR MY HUSBAND. My husband collects wine like people do baseball cards. Ok, he collects those, too. He’s a collector. I digress. Anyway, he loves wine, and he loves to drink it at the ideal temperature. I swear he’s not a snoot. Ha! Anyway, for this reason, we have two wine fridges – one for reds, one for whites so they are kept at the ideal temperature. Clearly a VINGLACE is the perfect gift for him!

On a side note, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wrapped ice packs around my white wine with rubber bands to keep it cold. It’s so tacky (which I don’t care about), but it didn’t really keep my wine cold, and I kept forgetting my ice packs at my friend’s houses. So it’s the perfect gift for the both of us! Wait, is that bad?

I hope I was able to help you check Father’s Day off your list with this post!

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