Kid’s Gift Guide 2016

From one mom to another, toys for Christmas can be pretty frustrating to buy. There’s always that element of wondering if the toy will be a waste of money. The good news for you is that I have just experienced a Thanksgiving with 6 kids and my son’s birthday, so I’ve had a mini focus group of toy testing with cousins and friends! This post consists of the winning toys! Well, and a few other great gift ideas I couldn’t help sharing.

Oh, and most of these toys will help with the cabin fever that will set in by about day two of the break. Ha!
Hasbro Pie Face! Game

Pie Face

The kids LOVE this game! We played it over Thanksgiving with all of the cousins, and it was fun for all, EVEN THE ADULTS. I love games we can all enjoy. You put whip cream on the plastic hand, you spin for a number and see if you get pie faced! I have to admit, I got a little grossed out after my first go round, but it was still fun to do with the kids!

Guess Who? Game Retro Series 1988 Edition

Guess Who?

Look familiar? My cousin bought this for the kids to play at Thanksgiving. Guess Who played it first? Pun intended. Ha!screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-8-43-38-pm

Table Topics

I have a secret obsession with Table Topics (more on that later). I recently bought these for fun to play with my kids. I learned more about them in ten minutes than I do spending an entire afternoon asking how school was in all sorts of creative ways. Here are a few of my favorite questions: What’s your favorite thing to do at recess? What do you consider your best qualities? If some go over their heads, I rephrase them. It’s the best game ever! I’ve put them by our kitchen table to play at dinner time.Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Jumbo Spinner 12.6 OuncesBean Boozled

Juicy pear or booger? Tutti-fruitti or stinky socks? Another fun hilarious game for ALL! I Iike this one because it comes with 45 individual little packs of jelly beans. That way, when it’s stored in the game closet, I don’t have to worry about bugs getting to it.

Goodnight Light

Pineapple/ Owl/ Cactus/ Dinosaur 

How cute are these nighlights/lamps?!?! They are darling to have on a nightstand or desk for decoration, but then you realize they are nightlights/lamps and they become irrestiable! How cute would the wise old owl be on a bookcase in a play room, the pineapple be in a girls room, or the dinosaur be in a boys room? I love all the bright colors!



Monopoly Junior

I’m all for a board game that my sons can play by themselves! They love this game and…so do I! Can you blame me? HA!
ALEX Toys Artist Studio Fantastic Spinner

Fantastic Spinner

I’m not one for messes, but I remember loving spin art when I was a kid, so I acquiesced. My son got this one for his birthday. What I like about this version is that it’s hand operated, which seems to make it less messy. Typically, if the paint starts flying, they back off the spin (typically). Plus, I don’t have to change the batteries!


screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-8-53-58-pmBop It

I bought this to give as a birthday present to friends, but that didn’t happen. The boys started playing with it as soon as we got home from the store, while it was still in the box! They were having so much fun, we decided to keep it. Now we play it as a family! We love to play it in the mode where you can pass it around in a circle and either, bop it, twist it, or pull it. It’s so fun!

Chrono Bomb Action Game

Chrono Bomb

After receiving this game, my boys when straight to setting it up (I helped of course)! It’s like setting up an obstacle course in their room with a string that has clips you zig zag to different objects! Each time you touch the string, it buzzes. You can set the timer (bomb) to make it more fun!

After I finished a book, my Kindle recommended I read this book. At the time, I didn’t realize it was a kid’s book. In fact, it wasn’t until I was telling a friend about how GREAT this  book was that I realized it was for kids. Every kid should read this book. It’s about a boy who has an abnormality that affects his face. It’s written from his perspective, his sister’s perspective, and his friend’s perspective. It’s light hearted and fills you with compassion and a little bit more understanding of what it’s like in someone elses shoes. It’s a MUST! A perfect stocking stuffer. Maybe I’ll start reading it to my older son at night.

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-9-09-05-am LED Poi - Spin-ballS Brand Spin-lightS (Pair)Spin-Balls

Up your kid’s fun dance parties with Spin-Balls! Turn off the lights, turn on the music, and they’ll have a ball! Well, at least mine did. I have an iPad full of Spin-Ball dance party videos to prove it!
S'well 'Hand Painted Satin Collection' Water Bottle

S’well Bottle

My friend told me this is the new thing at her daughter’s school. They all bring S’Well water bottles to school. She’s getting her kid’s names monogrammed on them with those cute peel and stick stickers. Knowing my slacker self, I’ll probably try to make my sharpie handwritting look pretty instead. Ha!

Men’s Gift Guide 2016

It’s the week of gift guides here at C. Style! Things seem to be happening earlier and earlier this year, or I might just be really behind- ha! For this reason, I’m going to front load this week with gift guides on M/T/W, so keep checking back. That way we can order in plenty of time for Christmas! Whether you only have stocking stuffers left to buy for the men in your life or you haven’t shopped at all (like me), this gift guide has got you covered. I only picked the best of the best, and I give you all my reasoning behind why it would make the best gift! Because as your personal, very studious shopper, I don’t want you to waste your money. That’s why I take my gift guides very seriously (maybe a little too seriously- ha!).

Herschel Supply Co. Winlaw Backpack

Herschel Backpack

I have to admit, this is somewhat of a secret, selfish mission of mine. My husband carries this huge carryon around when we travel, and this backpack just seems like it would make more sense. Plus, it’s way more stylish, right?! Don’t you think maybe I’m saving his arm? So maybe this isn’t selfish after all- ha! This would be perfect for any guy, especially for travel, the gym, or if he’s really hip, work. Plus, Herschel Supply Co. is super hip!

S'well 'Silver Lining' Stainless Steel Water Bottle

S’well Water Bottle 

Have you ever seen a more perfect stocking stuffer? I think we all know how great S’well Water Bottles are; they keep your water cold for 24 hours or your coffee hot for 12 hours. Plus, they have a wide mouth that’s easy to put ice in, and they fit into standard car cup holders. Now they make the stainless steel one in different sizes! You can fit an entire wine bottle into the new 25 oz. size. Ha! Also, they have lots of different colors.


UGG® Scuff Slipper (Men)

UGG Slippers

This is one of those items that guys don’t really talk about wearing, but in the colder months, it becomes a necessity. I specifically like these slippers because they have an open back, which allows them to be taken on and off easily when his foot gets too warm. These seem like the most manly slippers on the market, and who doesnt like UGG?

GustBuster Classic 48-Inch Automatic Golf Umbrella

GustBuster Umbrella

What guy wouldn’t want a nice, manly umbrella? It sure does beat the colorful one he ends up grabbing of yours. It’s an umbrella all his own. My husband has one and he sure does look nice walking the kids to the bus stop in his suit.

Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinders

Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinders

Bushnell Rangefinder

I was recently at lunch with a few of my girlfriends, and we started discussing what we were getting our husbands for Christmas. My friend mentioned that her husband asked for a rangefinder for hunting, and I thought that was a great gift idea. My husband bought this one for himself for golfing one Christmas ago. So whether your husband likes to play golf like mine, or hunt like her’s, a rangefinder is a sure bet.

Daniel Buchler Peruvian Pima Cotton Robe

Daniel Buchler Robe

At the same lunch with my girlfriends, on of my friends mentioned she was trying to find a  nice robe for her husband. Then we all decided that robes are another one of those things men don’t talk about but all wear. Well, I searched high and low and really liked this one. It seems lightweight enough to be able to wear year round, and, to me, it looked manly and stylish.

Anker PowerCore 20100

Anker Battery Pack

The faster something charges my Kindle, my phone, or my kids iPad, the better! My husband uses his battery pack all the time, especially when we travel. It’s also perfect for when my son wants to charge his iPad, so he can sit on the couch and play while it’s charging. You don’t have to be tethered to a power outlet anymore! Plus, this battery pack has high speed charging! Maybe this is just a gift for everyone- ha! My husband has the older version of this one. Maybe he needs an upgrade. I personally want this girly one.

Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphone - Black

Powerbeats Wireless Earphones 

Did you guys know that the new iPhone 7 doesn’t have a headphone jack? I know! So annoying, right?! So it looks like we will be needing wireless headphones more and more in the future. I have these wireless Beats headphones, and I abolustely love them. They have different ear attachments that you can change out depending on the shape of your ear, and they actually stay put because of the ear arm. But the best part is the excellent sound quality!


BEAM LABS Beam Smart Projector

Beam Labs Smart Projector

This projector would make the perfect gift for the sports enthusiast who loves to watch sports 24/7. This way, no matter where he is, he can turn any flat surface into his personal ESPN. This would be nice to use when we have friends over. We could even have a pool party and watch sports projected on our fence!

Peter Millar

Peter Millar Shirts here and here

If you’re thinking about buying the men in your life clothing items, like a shirt, for Christmas, look no further than Peter Millar. Of all the brands my husband and his friends purchase, this is by far the one that fits the majority best. It’s very good quality and has an updated look that is versatile for many occasions. Whether he’s going on the golf course, to church, wears it to work on casual Friday, or out for an evening dinner, these two styles of shirts work well. If your man is already a fan of Peter Millar, this is your chance to get a pattern that you would like for him!

Don’t forget about the “Best Casual Pants for Men” on the market! I know these would be a sure bet!


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