Party Ready After A Long Day

NARS 'Audacious' Lipstick

Do you know how difficult and awkward it is to take a lipstick picture when you have thin lips and big teeth? Ha! I persevered for you, my friends, because I felt like you needed to know about my new lipstick. It makes me feel holiday ready after a long day or even in the middle of a long day! People keep asking me about it, so I knew I had something! I was looking for a true oxblood colored lipstick after seeing a few write ups on this color in some fashion magazines. It inspired me, and you know how I love a red lip! Well, I tried on a whole bunch, and I was looking like I had licked my lips for three days straight… just ask my aunt-ha! Then I finally told the nice saleslady what I was looking for and she immediately said, “Oh, I have the perfect color for you”, and boom, she was right on the money. This is the Audacious Lipstick in Charlotte by NARS.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color

Oh, and I recently posted this to instagram, so I thought I’d share: “Every time I wear this eye shadow stick people ask about it! It truly is the easiest way to look holiday ready with just a few swipes! Plus, I love how this stick seems hyper-pigmented. I’m wearing “amethyst.”” You all may remember it from this post. I was getting so many compliments, I thought I’d share it again!

There is something about putting on a high pigment eye shadow and a statement lip that does something for my psyche. It just makes me feel party ready after a long day.

Nail Inspo

Recently I was at breakfast with my friends, and one of them asked me what nail polish she should wear for Thanksgiving. When she asked me, I had this deer in the headlights moment because she had this really pretty cranberry color on her nails already. I was trying to quickly come up with another color, but all my head was saying was RED (or any variation there of… cranberry, burgundy, oxblood, bordeaux)! Luckily, another friend (whose brain works way faster than mine and who has a knack for picking out a good nail color) said something like, “Well, red is always a great color for the holidays!” So why reinvent the wheel? Go classic red! Plus, for some reason, red always makes me feel happy, feminine, and festive!

This picture cracks me up because it is terribly awkward to have your friend take pictures of you at Starbucks with people sitting very closely to the right and left of you. I’m sure they were thinking, “Oh, she must be a blogger.” HAHAHAHAHA!

Did you know Starbucks carries rice krispie treats?!?! I get them all the time for a little snack! Oh, and they’re gluten free!

Nail Color: I’m wearing Macks by Essie, which is apparently very old since “Allure” did a review on it in 2009. Ha!

If you get a mani and you love the color, post a pic of it with the #cstyleinspo (tag me, too)! I can regram it, and we can all copy you! 

Here are a few of my favorite reds:

The rest of the details:

Watch- Kate Spade, Blouse- J. Crew, Rings- Nadri for Similar, Hair- tutorial here and 3/4 inch wand here, Lips- NARS in Luxembourg

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