Instant Holiday Glam + a Giveaway

Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Shadow Stick in Amethyst

Congratulations to Lisa P. for winning the Hair Tutorial giveaway! Now, who wants to win the coolest beauty product I’ve seen in a really long time?! It’s instant glam with very little effort and perfect for holiday parties! It’s also a perfect under $30 Christmas gift for the girls in your life!

RHONY Bethenny Frankel

Here’s how the story goes: Over Halloween I was sooooooo sick. So sick I couldn’t even take my boys trick or treating. So you know what I did? I watched a marathon of the RHONY, and I couldn’t help but notice Bethenny’s eyeshadow! I loved it. It was glamorous but not over the top and crazy. It felt like something I could wear.

Sandra Bullock

Then the following week I kept seeing Sandra in all these interviews for her new movie, and guess what I couldn’t help but notice?! Yup, her high pigment eye shadow! So I went to Nordstrom on a mission to find the best high pigment eye shadow available. Nordstrom had such a great selection! I ordered over 8 different kinds to try out and, because of Nordstrom’s great return policy, returned what I didn’t want to keep for free!

Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Shadow Stick in Amethyst

Here’s the thing- I am terrible at putting on eyeshadow. I don’t know where to stop and where to start. I can never get it dark enough, so I just keep adding and end up getting it all over the place! Not to mention it takes forever. Well, not anymore (said in my sing song voice)! With eyeshadow sticks, it’s super easy to get that high pigment eyeshadow look!

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All you do is is roll it on you eyelids and you get that high pigment look in less than a minute. Plus it goes on dark, so there is no need to keep applying! And since it’s not powdery, it doesn’t get all over the place! Yes, I’m serious- it’s that easy!  For this beauty novice, it’s been really fun. I feel like I can actually achieve the look that professionals do with very little effort and in no time at all!

Eyeshadow sticks

Here are the shadow sticks that made the cut. From left to right: Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Shadow Stick  in Amethyst (I’m wearing in all the pictures) and NARS Velvet Shadow Stick in Glenan (blue has been fun to use on date nights) and Oaxaca (for more of an everyday look).

Today I’m giving away two sticks of your choice (you don’t have to choose my colors) and two for a girlfriend!

Here’s how you win:

All you have to do is head to the announcement of this post on Instagram or Facebook, follow C. Style, and tag two of your friends in the comment section! If you comment on both, you double your chances to win!

Earrings- Nadri, Lipstick- Nars (Bahama), Hair- see this post

(Photos by Traci Ling. Photo of Bethenny Frankel (source). Photo of Sandra Bullock (source). This post was sponsored by Nordstrom a brand that I use, know and love. Thank you to my readers for trusting C. Style and it’s content.)

Hair Tutorial + a Giveaway

Tis the season to give! During the month of December, I’m giving away all the products I post about to you and a girlfriend (because it’s always more fun to win with a girlfriend!) So let’s get everyone ready for Christmas! All of the items I’ll be posting would make great gifts for you or your favorite gal(s). So forward it along to your friends for an extra chance to win, or forward it to your family as a gift idea for yourself. The more you forward, the greater your chances are to win the items for you and your friend!

C.Style Blog Hair Tutorial + a Giveaway

In the next few posts, I’m concentrating on getting us ready for holiday parties. What better way to start than a hair tutorial?! I have received lots of questions about how I do my hair lately. Especially after this post, where I wear my hair up in a bun during the day and down and wavy at night while on a trip. I also didn’t wash my hair during that trip (I know it may sound gross), but, as with my fashion, my hair routine is practical and efficient. I try to get my hair to look the best I can with as little time spent as possible-ha!


First, I start with a really good shampoo and conditioner (Kerastase is my favorite). In a weak moment, I bought this duo at CVS. Now, I love it and swear by it. It may be expensive, but it moisturizes my hair and doesn’t weight it down (or make me look like a wet dog), and it also keeps my hair cleaner longer. Therefore, it’s a great value, right?!?! Ha! Also, I don’t use it up as fast as other brands, because I only have to wash my hair every 2 to 3 days! (I can’t wait for two lucky readers to try this shampoo and conditioner and report back! You are going to love it!)

C.Style Blog Hair Tutorial + a Giveaway

After washing my hair, I let it air dry or I blow dry it before putting it in a bun with clips. I’ll sleep with it in a bun, or I’ll wear it around during the day. The clips help avoid the unwanted kink that rubber bands make. For how I do my bun click here.

C.Style Blog Hair Tutorial + a Giveaway

When I take my hair out of the bun, it look like this in the back…

C.Style Blog Hair Tutorial + a Giveaway

…and it looks like this in the front (front needs help -ha!)…

C.Style Blog Hair Tutorial + a Giveaway

And when I’m finished, this is what it looks like in the front.

So, here’s how I do it.

  • First I use dry shampoo on my roots. I find it covers my roots and adds volume.
  • Then I start on the left side, holding the 3/4 inch wand with my right hand. I gather small sections of hair by my face and wrap the hair around the wand away from the face (this is important).
  • Then I switch sides and hands (this is also important). For the longest time I couldn’t do the other side of my face, because I was still holding the wand with my right hand. If you are like me, it’s impossible. When curling the right side, try switching the wand to your left hand. It made it much easier for me!
  • You can continue all the way around your head or just stop after the front. For special occasions I’ll do my entire head, otherwise I just do the front.
  • Then comb your fingers through your hair.
  • Depending on your hair type, you may need to hairspray each strand before curling it. For me, I like for my curl to fall and look more wavy, so I only add a little hairspray at the end.


If you want a good laugh, watch my eye balls in the video! #crazyeyes

Here are the products I used and what you guys can win!

Just enter the your info in the Rafflecopter giveaway below. For more chances to win, follow me on Pinterest and pin an image from this post, and head to my Instagram giveaway post and tag your girlfriends!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway ends Thursday at noon. Come back Friday to see who wins!

Photos by Traci Ling

Haircut and color by Robert Moore

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