How To Nail The Flare Jean Look

Flare JeansTo be completely honest, I have personally found flare jeans hard to wear. I’ve definitely worn them and liked them but never really felt like I was nailing the look, which quite frankly, was really annoying to me. I am, after all, a researcher of clothes and all aspects thereof, and I knew that it could look so good if I could just figure it out! I mean, you really need not look any further than Rachel Zoe as an example of someone who nails the flare jean look.

So good, right? #inspired So I got in my research mode and started a pin board called “How To: Flare Jeans.” Here are a few examples from my board:

I want to look that cute in jeans and a striped long sleeve tee!

Can you see what the winning flare jean looks (including Zoe) have in common?  Scroll up – can you see it?

You can’t see their feet!!! You can’t see their feet!!! How crazy is that? Now, are you wondering why this matters? Well, it matters because this allows for one long, lean line that’s not broken up at any point, which creates a very tall, elongated look. This is also why a heel is important for this look because it aids in creating the elongated line. I prefer a platform shoe for even more height, but it’s not necessary. I also noticed that the flare jeans in these outfits are tight, which helps with the lean look.  Here’s how my findings translated into a look:

Now, am I going to get all crazy and make sure you can never see my feet? No because then I would be crazy. But I did spend time making sure I got the hem just right on these jeans, and I think it was well worth it. I wore my platform shoes to the tailor and had them hemmed accordingly.
To me, flares add a little excitement to my closet. I wear jeans so much, and I like the option to mix it up a bit. I’m looking forward to wearing this to a backyard birthday bash this weekend, and I love to wear them on date night to be a little taller.

The exact jeans pictured on me are linked here, but I have always loved the J. Brand Love Story flare jean.

Outfit links: Top – Anthropologie, for Similar HERE and HERE, Flare Jeans – Frame, for Similar HERE, Shoes – Pedro Garcia, Bag – for Similar, HERE.

What I’m really hoping you are saying is, “I could never wear flare jeans, I’m too short.” Well, my friend said that exact thing to me. I accepted her challenge, and you can see the results in Friday’s Post!

If you are looking for regular jeans, check out “The Best Jean Find EVER!”

Photos by: Traci Ling

Video Tutorial: Everyday Messy Bun


I’m so excited to share my first ever C. Style video tutorial! I’ve been wanting to try video for a long time. I told myself if I ever did a video tutorial, I would start with my everyday bun! It’s a trick I use at least once a day. The best part about this bun is that it doesn’t kink my hair. I do my messy bun when I don’t want to “do” my hair or when I simply want to put it up for a bit. The video is goofy, but I’m goofy. I hope you guys like it!

Product links: Shampoo – Kerastase, Conditioner – Kerastase,  Bobby Pins – Scrunci, Clips – Goody

Outfit links:

Top- Madewell, Jeans- Articles of Society, Earrings- Madewell

You can see the original picture post here.

Video by my sweet friend, Claire! (

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