The One Accessory That Multitasks Better than the Rest

JOCELYN Genuine Rabbit Fur Infinity ScarfIf there is one accessory I keep pulling out recently, it’s my fur scarves. I know, it’s odd, right? Fur in Houston? I used to wear my cotton scarves non-stop and they show it, but I’ve missed using them to tie together outfits. That’s why I started pulling out my fur scarves. When I put on my fur scarf, I noticed that it added a little bit of edge to my outfit. It made my outfit feel a little bit more hip. Now scroll down and look at the next picture. Do you notice anything odd?…

JOCELYN Genuine Rabbit Fur Infinity Scarf

Outfit Links: Top- Madewell; Jeans- Paige; Shoes- Similar here; Scarf- Jocelyn; Purse- Stella McCartney; Sunglasses- Celine

…I’m hoping you said no, but you may have noticed the blue makeup bag string hanging out of my purse- ha!  All that to say, if someone recommended I wear a fur scarf with a short sleeve shirt, I would look at them like they were crazy. Yet, it looks great! In the morning, I wore my black moto jacket with my scarf, and as the day warmed up, I shed the jacket and just wore the scarf.

JOCELYN Genuine Rabbit Fur Infinity Scarf

I was digging this scarf (above) that I bought from Anthropologie last year so much that I went out and bought another one over the holidays…

Outfit Links: Top- Similar here; Jeans- Madewell; Shoes- Similar here; Scarf- Similar Saint Bernard; Jacket- here

I bought this one (above) during Saint Bernard’s Black Friday sale. I love it because it goes with everything!


Fur scarves also feel dressier to me, which makes it super fun to wear with a casual utility jacket. The mix is fun and unexpected! But I’ve even worn one with a cocktail dress to jazz it up! I was headed to an event that was close to “cocktail attire” and knew I wanted to wear this short dress. But it was chilly that night, so to warm myself and my look up, I added my fur scarf!

Here are a few of my favorite “fur” scarves on the market.

Pictures by Traci Ling


Holiday Ready: Cocktail, Business, and Casual Festive Attire

Ted Baker London Wrenti Sheer Sleeve Knit Body-Con DressHoliday Ready: Part 2- I know myself well enough by now to know that if I want to arrive at holiday parties in a good mood, I need to feel good and take care of myself (which is a whole slew of other things that could be an entire separate post, but you get my point -Ha!). Plus, when I feel good, the real me is there instead of the me that just feels “blah”. I am the me that can enjoy others, the me that feels comfortable in her own skin, the me God made me to be. I guess this is the other reason helping people get dressed makes me tick. As a stylist, I learned very quickly that helping people get dressed goes way beyond just the outfit. It’s also about the feelings behind the outfit. So I hope to help you with the feelings that follow the question of “does my outfit look good?” because the answer will be “YES”! And hopefully a feeling of excitement will follow!

We crossed formalwear of the list yesterday, so let’s talk cocktail, business, and casual attire festivities.

Ted Baker London Cadyee High Neck Embellished Sheath Dress

This dress is so festive! Do you know why?

Ted Baker London Cadyee High Neck Embellished Sheath DressDress: Ted Baker

It’s the pretty glitzy neckline! It screams holiday festivities! That got me thinking, what if we were to add a statement necklace to a few of the more simple dresses, like…
Felicity & Coco Seamed Pencil Dress (Regular & Petite) (Nordstrom Exclusive)Dress: Felicity & Coco

…this one! You may already have this dress hanging in your closet. I posted it two years ago (here). Or this one

Ted Baker London Wrenti Sheer Sleeve Knit Body-Con Dress
Dress: Ted Baker

…or any of these.

Talk about budget friendly! Just add a statement necklace to a dress you already have, or with one of these more simple dresses, for an instant holiday look. Plus, you can wear all of these dresses again and again just by changing the accessories up a bit!

Here are my favorite statement necklaces to pair with these simple dresses:

I hope right now you are thinking, “Ooooo, I could wear that dress with that necklace! That would look so pretty!” That’s what I’m thinking right now anyway. Ha!

As for business attire or casual holiday parties, to me there is nothing that says festive more than lace! Ok, maybe sequins, but I digress. A lace top is the perfect thing to add to an outfit for an instantly festive look. For business attire, you can pair any one of these tops with a skirt or pants. You can even wear it to work under a blazer! For more casual Christmas parties, you can pair these tops with black pants, black denim, or coated denim! And the easiest way to achieve a festive look? Wear a lacey top!  Viola!

Here are my favorite festive lace tops:

I hope your head is spinning with ideas of what you can wear to all of your festivities! There is nothing better than having something exciting on the calendar and already having something to wear hanging in your closet. The day of scramble can leave you frazzled for the night. Plus, there is nothing worse than paying way too much for something that is just OK because you had to run out and just buy whatever you could find.  That’s why when Nordstrom asked me to share women’s wear with you guys, I accepted. Most importantly, go with what you love and what you will feel most comfortable in. That’s what really matters! If you’re not sure, order your options to the house and return what you don’t like because Nordstrom has free shipping and returns! We all want to feel ourselves walking into these festivities! If you need formalwear, check out yesterday’s post.

Picture by Traci Ling

Dress in first picture from yesterdays post (here).

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