Girls’ Getaway

Recently, I was able to get away for the night. I wish I could say that I looked this happy and refreshed when I arrived, but that wasn’t the case. I couldn’t sleep the night before we left. My head was spinning with thoughts like, was everything going to go ok without me?, were all my preparations going to pan out?, did I forget to sign my son’s folder? I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention the guilty feelings nagging at me. I mean, who did I think I was getting away to do something entirely for myself? Maybe this is the exact reason I needed to get away for a night. To realize that I’m just not that big of a deal and one night is not that big of a deal. I was taking myself way too seriously. The kids were fine. It’s not like I’m the president -ha! A night away is just what I needed!

Just in case you are in need of a night away in Houston, I have the perfect spot for you- the newly renovated Four Seasons in downtown Houston!  If you ask me, Houston was in desperate need of an updated, modern, chic hotel by a service oriented brand, such as the Four Seasons. I love staycations just as much as anyone, and this will be my new spot. You’ll see why…

Houston Four Seasons Lobby

Here’s a sneak peek at the new lobby. It’s so cozy and chic for a lobby, no?

Houston Four Seasons Lobby

Yucking it up with the girls in the lobby. Apparently I think Georgia is hilarious. My sister? Not so much- ha!

Houston Four Seasons Bayou and Bottle Lounge

The Bayou and Bottle Lounge. Clearly I could never be a bartender, since it appears all I can do is point at empty decanters? Pretty cool bar though.

Houston Four Seasons Top Golf Simulator

Just off the bar and restaurant are two Top Golf Simulator rooms. You can reserve them for a fun activity while you stay at the hotel or just for a fun night out in Houston. Your friends hang out on the sofa and chairs and chat while…

Houston Four Seasons Top Golf Simulator

…you take turns playing Top Golf. We thought it was so fun, we reserved one of the rooms that weekend to bring all of our friends back for a fun night out!

Ok. I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself… I have to show y’all the bathrooms. I always love it when you go to a new restaurant and someone says, “You have to check out the bathrooms.” This is exactly how I felt, so I have to show them to you.

Houston Four Seasons Women's Restroom

The womens… Now, can I renovate my bathroom at home and make it look exactly like this? Ha!Houston Four Seasons Men's Restroom The mens… They each have their own tv!

The fun pictures:

Houston Four Seasons Lounge Area

The outdoor area beyond the Lounge. It was so clean and pretty! I wanted to transport the entire seating area straight to my backyard.Houston Four Seasons Spa

I didn’t get a pedicure because you know I couldn’t possibly part with my high tops -hahaha! I swear, I do have other shoes. Houston Four Seasons Spa

I stared at this piece of art outside The Spa for way too long, and then my sister walked up and did the same. I want it in my house.

Houston Four Seasons

Even the elevators were cool! Leave it to Traci Ling to take the best elevator picture and then…Houston Four Seasons Spa

The Spa locker room picture.

Houston Four Seasons Spa

This is me trying to portray how relaxed felt after getting a treatment at The Spa, but I just ended up looking I’m like I’m toasting my sister with my eyes closed.  HA!
Houston Four Seasons Top Golf Simulator

This is a picture of the next weekend when we went back to the Top Golf Simulator room! It was so fun!

Outfit 1 Links: Dress- J. Crew;  Top- J.crew; Shoes- Vince (Similar here)

Outfit 2 Links: Dress- Similar here or here; Jacket- Similar here; Shoes- Vince (Similar here)

If you are looking for a place to stay in Houston, the Four Season’s Houston will not disappoint!

Pictures by Traci Ling (except for the last one).

I’m Giving Up The Hustle

Celine Sunglasses Cl 41090/s Cathrine Qlt/z3
Welcome to the new C. Style! I’m excited to be back with a new look. For a long time, I felt the blog and its corresponding social medias were no longer congruent with me and my style. So I did a little reflecting during my break, and I thought I’d share a little bit about what I realized.

J.Crew 'Always' Chambray Shirt (Regular & Petite)

When I first started C. Style, I started it as an outlet for myself as a stay-at-home mom. To be honest, looking back, I was probably doing it more to prove to myself that I was still good at something or still somebody! You see, all my life I’ve defined myself by what I did and how well I did it. I’m a honor student. I’m a high performing Pharmaceutical Rep. I’m a well liked, friendly person. I’m a stay-at-home mom. That’s how I would define myself. Unfortunately as a stay-at-home mom, I felt like I was completely failing (even though, looking back, I wasn’t) and therefore failing as a person. Remember, my identity was in what I did and how well I did it. So I started a blog and business about clothes to have an identity that I could be a successful at and that would make me feel good. Well, that worked for awhile, and it was great, until it wasn’t.

All of a sudden, I couldn’t define myself as a successful mom, successful stylist, or successful fashion blogger because, inevitably, I was going to make mistakes and couldn’t control everything! I couldn’t control how my boys behaved (yes, I can parent, but when your baby is screaming in Target, you can’t control it). I couldn’t control how things on the blog were being perceived. I couldn’t keep up with my styling schedule and would inevitably disappoint people! I then realized that I couldn’t please everyone, which was tragic! Why tragic? Because who I was was at the mercy of how my boys behaved, if people were happy with me, and if people received things the way I meant them. My head started spinning! Did I say that right? Did I do this right? Did I handle this right? I became so confused! Why was I so obsessed with being in control? Why did I have a need to be perfect and liked?

After some soul searching, I figured out why. All of these identities I tried to give myself to be somebody had failed. I actually didn’t really know who I was. This sent me down the long road of grappling with the effects of being raised by an alcoholic mom and figuring out who I really was vs. the titles/ name(s)/identities I had assumed. It was dark, and I struggled with depression. I dug deep in my faith and sought help. It was so painful that I couldn’t share it on here. So, in the meantime, I stopped sharing about myself because well, I didn’t know who I was -ha!  I defaulted to clothing posts. It was safe, and I enjoyed it!

Well, I’ve come a long way, and I’m only at the start. I won’t call it a journey because then we will all gag (if you haven’t already -ha)! Now I feel more comfortable sharing. I’m not sharing all of this to be a downer, but so you all know where I’m coming from. I’m learning to stop grabbing for titles to define me or letting how well I do something define me. I’m giving up my hustling ways to be somebody. I am just going to be OK with being me. And part of me is doing something well, but I won’t be defined by it. No title, just me. That’s why I took a break and revamped the blog. It needed to represent the real me. This is the starting line to my new way, and I’m so happy to have you all, my friends, with me. I have always felt the love from you, even when I would share just a bit, you all would give me big hugs back. I think you guys loved me and my imperfections even when I couldn’t receive it (oh my gosh, I have tears in my eyes writing this). Anyway, thank you for being such a loving group of people who share in life’s messiness with me. I’m so grateful for each of you.

I’ve updated my BIO and FAQ’s! Be sure to check those out, too!

Outfit Links: Sunglasses- Celine, Blazer- Topshop (similar here), Chambray Shirt- J. Crew, Necklace- Dana Rebecca Designs, Lipstick- Dragon Girl by NARS

A few (or not) books I read to help me give up the hustle: Gifts of Imperfection, Rising Strong, Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist, Abba’s Child by Brennan Manning, The Rest of the Gospel by Dan Stone, and Fearless by Max Lucado

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