2017 Update

For some reason, this year’s fresh start has me excited. I usually don’t get too excited about a new year, but I’m feeling a little different about this one. Maybe the extended break I took invigorated me. This is the first year I’ve ever wanted to (or even thought to) make goals. I’ve written down personal goals, family goals, and C. Style goals for the year.

On that note, I am revamping C. Style. I’m taking some time to refresh and update it. I’ve changed so much and so has C. Style, and I want the blog and all social medias to reflect that.

I’ll be back soon!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear the favorite things people are doing, reading, watching, eating, and wearing! I’ll share mine with you in hopes that you’ll share your favorites with me!

If you saw me during the break, I was wearing one of two items- the shirt pictured above and/or this new jacket… or my Barefoot Dreams sweatsuit -Ha! BTW, this jacket is a total winner! I can’t stop wearing it.

img_2127-jpgI asked my husband for one night away at The Inn at Dos Brisas for Christmas. We went on New Year’s, and it was perfectly relaxing.

My dad introduced me to Jimmy Fallon’s “Hashtags” segments. I’m addicted. This one was my favorite.

This is a calendar I can get behind.

I saved this and immediately forwarded it to my husband and sister. It’s that good.  (10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be).

HP Sprocket Portable Photo PrinterI’m loving the photo printer I received for Christmas (posted here). It allowed me to print my favorite Christmas moments right from my phone!

My sister and I went to see Jackie. So good. I had no idea the symbolism behind “Camelot.”

I finished reading Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist, Abba’s Child by Brennan Manning and Winter Storms by Elin Hildebrand. I know, a very random mix -ha!

My husband and I took our boys to a “fancy” dinner (as in a non kid friendly restaurant) at Rise No.2. They thought it was pretty cool, and it was fun for us until the bread was delivered to the table with a cutting board and a huge knife. Ha!

My husband and I recently binged watched The Crown, Treasure Quest Snake Island (kid friendly) and Man vs. Wild (kid friendly).

Herman ParkMy friend and I took our kiddos to National Parks Adventure 3D (IMAX) and happened to discover this gem while we were there. Here’s an aerial view. I highly recommend this activity.

This was a really good reminder “why being a mom is enough.” It’s enough.

I cried while watching this and then found myself happy and relieved.

What have you been doing, reading, watching, eating or wearing? Any new favorites? I’d love to hear!

On that note, I’d also love to hear what you want to see more of on C. Style! What are your favorite posts?

A special thanks to my friends and family who shared their favorites with me that are found in this post. Thank you, Georgia, Stephanie, Mallory, Erica, Kathryn, Lindsey, Katie, Jon, Nancy and David (my dad).

Dressing room photos by the talented Traci Ling. All other photos by the not so talented photographer, Carly Lee.🙄😜

My House And Why It Took Me So Long To Post Pictures

View More: http://traciling.pass.us/carlyleeI have had these house pictures for sooooooo long. I’ve wanted to post them, but I could never find the right time. Well, today is the day. My friend Ashley Goforth is coming over to help me rearrange the entire house, so things won’t look the same and then I’ll really never have the right time to post these pictures -ha!

To be honest, I got caught up in the, “My house doesn’t look exactly how I want it to look yet, so I’ll wait and post it when it’s perfect and done (first and second words of a fool -ha!). Then I’ll have a grand reveal, and post the entire room.” But my house isn’t perfect. It’s always a work in progress, so I should just go ahead and share anyway, right? If I wait for it to be perfect, I’ll be waiting for an eternity -ha! Plus my house, by default, doesn’t look perfect. It’s a bit quirky because I tend to just throw things I love together in various rooms. That’s why I love it, but it can also look a little knick knacky -ha! What’s the saying… “Perfectionism kills hospitality”? I’ll go with that. But the house does look a little too mashed up, which is why I’ve asked Ashley to help me bring it all together and add the finishing touches.

Living Room Pictures:

View More: http://traciling.pass.us/carlylee

I found the desk and corbels at the Round Top Antique Fair. My sister thought this Ikea sheepskin would look good on this chair, and I so agree. Plus it makes the chair more comfy.

View More: http://traciling.pass.us/carlylee

My husband and I found “Salty” while perusing antique shops on a trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The boys love him and so do we! He reminds me of the Long John Silver’s guy!
View More: http://traciling.pass.us/carlyleeI never thought I would be one to have a whole bunch of picture frames collected in one area, but boy was I wrong. I guess that’s what having a family will do to you. I want to remember every second of their little lives. This is my feeble attempt.

View More: http://traciling.pass.us/carlylee

This is where I spend a majority of my life. This is where I write. This is where I drink coffee. This where I answer emails. This is where I talk on the phone. I guess you could consider this my desk, but this is where I sit and do nothing, too. Ha!View More: http://traciling.pass.us/carlylee

My ROYGBIV bookcase.

View More: http://traciling.pass.us/carlylee

I love having a little bit of life in my rooms. I found these little purple medicine bottles at the Antique Fair in Round Top. They make the perfect vases. I love how the purple accents the pink rose from my yard.

View More: http://traciling.pass.us/carlylee

My sister instructed a DIY party one night, and we painted antlers. It’s still one of my very favorite pieces in my house. It has a special memory attached to it, but it’s also so pretty.

View More: http://traciling.pass.us/carlylee

My husband and I learned about this artist, Derrick Velasquez, through our friend Kate Bellin. Sometimes I just sit and stare at it. I guess you could say it mesmerizes me. I love the color placement and selective concentration of certain colors. I love it.

Dining Room Pictures:

View More: http://traciling.pass.us/carlylee

I felt like my dining room needed some color. It was looking bland. Imagine this picture without the orchids. Ho-hum, right? There is nothing like $12 orchids from Trader Joe’s, and…

View More: http://traciling.pass.us/carlylee

…cuttings from the yard to liven (literally) and brighten up my dining room.

View More: http://traciling.pass.us/carlylee

To add even more color, my mother-in-law sewed this table cloth together for me. I found the fabric at High Fashion Home.

View More: http://traciling.pass.us/carlylee

After Christmas last year, I had left over garland laying around the house, not yet in boxes. Since I’m on a never ending quest to add color to my dining room, I decided to hang the Christmas garland on the end hook of my dining room curtains. I loved it so much, I ordered 3 more garlands to complete the look!View More: http://traciling.pass.us/carlylee

I have a knack for creating little vignettes, and although I love it, I think my vignettes end up looking a little knick knack-y. Ha! I ended up taking this one down shortly after putting it together.

View More: http://traciling.pass.us/carlylee

I’m still working on my son’s room, but I was trying to find him a blanket to go with his blue denim sheets and Star Wars Pottery Barn pillow case. I found this striped throw from Target! I found the lamp at Target, too! To see my other son’s room, click here.

I hope you guys enjoyed my home pictures. I can’t wait to show you guys the changes we make! Stay posted!

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