My “Instagram Situation”

Tell it to your Neighbor

About two years ago, my sister and I were assessing my “Instagram situation”. Ha! Let’s just say, I wasn’t enjoying Instagram to it’s fullest potential, and she decided I needed some variety in my feed (my feed was full of just fashion bloggers… I wonder why -ha!). My sister put it perfectly, “Instagram can be another place to feel inadequate or it can be a source for inspiration!”

Well, my sister has a knack for finding all things interesting, special, and unique (including people). Her first (emphatic) recommendation of someone to follow was the artist Donald Robertson (@drawbertson on Instagram). Every day he would post pictures of his art, and I was hooked. At the time, it was fun fashion figures or LV bags made out of paper sacks. Then I learned that he would wake up early to create art in his basement before commuting into NYC, and then he would post it on Instagram. I can get behind that kind of passion.

Donald Robertson

I also love his happy approach to life and fatherhood. His instagram profile reads,  “Be a warrior not a worrier”, which as a mom, I can totally relate to. He has two adorable twin boys (not mention three other older kiddos) that he often posts. I also love his no nonsense captions. He’s not trying to appease anyone with them. He has coined the hashtag “buy them nothing” (#buythemnothing) after receiving some backlash on his feed about his boys not having toys. Well, now he posts pictures of them climbing on things, playing in boxes, or in his studio with paint with the #buythemnothing. I love it. He doesn’t let the critics get him down. Instead, he has fun with it. It’s so refreshing!

Donald Robertson

His approach to art is also refreshing. He is not the tortured artist type, and he seems to paint without abandon. He paints on anything and everything, just for the fun of it! Well, my husband and I decided we wanted to buy some art for the house, and you know my first request was that I wanted “a Donald“! We hired Kate Bellin to put all the pieces together (thank you, Kate!), and now we get to enjoy this piece every day in the kitchen! It makes for a really great “I spy” game at the dinner table.

For this mama, I could use a daily reminder to be a warrior and not worrier. And for this fashion blogger, I could use some variety in my feed from a refreshing artist who has a happy approach to life and doesn’t let the critics get him down! I’m in!

Who do you follow that inspires you? I need more variety!! My “Instagram situation” is better, but still needs some help!

Life’s Defining Moments

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.00.46 PM

We all have our own life stories, each one of us. Our lives are filled with what I refer to as “defining moments,” and these moments are what make us who we are!

Well, my “defining moments” have often been difficult times in my life, and I have handled them in two different ways. I have either become bitter, depressed and angry, or I have leaned into the pain and grown. Sometimes both. Yikes, I just admitted I’ve been depressed, angry and bitter… Want to be friends? HA! Anyway, I have personally seen what poor mental health looks like through my mom (she was doing her best) and how it affects everyone around you. And by golly, that wasn’t going to be me! So in those difficult defining moments, I sought solace and guidance from some really amazing counselors. I truly believe they helped me grow and get through those very difficult times in my life. Their guidance has changed my life!

This brings me to the reason behind today’s post- supporting the girls at LifeHouse of HoustonLifeHouse of Houston is a not-for-profit organization that offers a safe home environment centered around family and Christ to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. I believe the girls at LifeHouse are going through one of the defining moments of their lives, and I want them to find the same solace through counseling that I have. That’s why, on September 9th, I’m riding for the LifeHouse Counseling Program at Soul Cycle-Memorial! All monies raised through the ride will go directly to the Counseling Program at LifeHouse of Houston. Please join me! Together we can give the gift of guidance- the same gift that has changed my life.


SoulCycle-Memorial in Houston!! It’s their new location, and we get to ride BEFORE it’s GRAND OPENING!


Anyone who wants to give the gift of solace and guidance to the girls at LifeHouse! You don’t need to be familiar with spin classes or even been to an exercise class before! Just come!! It’s ok! We are all in this together!! BTW, I’m not coordinated! I tried out for cheerleading 3 times and never made it. Does that make you feel better?


Friday, September 9th @ 10 AM


Click here–>

You can’t come but you would like to donate? Click here–>


PLEASE COME!!!! I promise it will be fun!

Lead image from SoulCycle’s Instagram

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