Not Your Average Swimsuit Guide

White Swimsuit I am owning my love for one-piece swimsuits in this post! There is something about getting older that makes me feel bad about wearing a one-piece, like I’m turning into a fuddy-duddy or something, but I absolutely love one-pieces! I have since I was in high school, so what’s my deal?! I can wear them anywhere because I feel comfortable in them! Plus, swimsuit designers are getting so creative with one-piece designs with cut outs, ruffles, bows, mesh and scalloped edges that it makes me WANT to wear a cute one-piece even more!

As you all know, shopping for a swimsuit is about the worst thing EVER!  They really should fix the lighting in those darn dressing rooms, or maybe it was the crab mac and cheese I had right before my recent swimsuit shopping trip with my friend. Either way, I found myself wanting to go home and never go back to a store. I guess I’ve gotten pretty used to ordering swimsuits to the house… Anyway, we walked in that dressing room in good moods, and we walked out both feeling a bit deflated. My friend went to go work out, I finished my mac and cheese…

That’s why I felt determined to put on my helpful stylist hat and do a swimsuit post.

As a stylist, I know how important it is to get the right cut and fit for your swimsuit, so I decided to categorize the swimsuits by “attributes” (yup, that’s my glass half full approach to the word “issue”). You may roll your eyes, but we must correct that voice. Say it, attribute NOT issue. And, just in case you are wondering if I have an attribute I worry about or a little voice I hear, you can read about it here.

Attribute- Large Chest:

What is most important is that you own your waste line, so your boobs don’t overtake you and make you look heavy. A perfectly placed ruffle distracts the eye. For a large chest, my main focus is coverage and support and all theses swimsuits fit the bill.

Attribute- Small Chest:

I basically picked out all the swimsuits I really want but can’t wear because my boobs are too big. HA! That’s a long way to say, I picked out these swimsuits because they accentuate your lovely smaller chests instead of covering them up.

Attribute- Athletic:

What is most important with an athletic attribute is to own a waistline or give an illusion of a waistline.

Attribute- Bottom:

If your bottom is your attribute, it’s important that you try to elongate your figure. V’s create a long line going down your front, but they also keep the eye at the top.

Attribute- Tummy:

I chose swimsuits that cover the tummy and are really cute that have fun little distractions elsewhere.

Most of the swimsuits could go in multiple attributes. In the end, you know your body best, so go with your gut. I do realize a lot of these swimsuits cost a pretty penny. I tried to find a mix but it seemed that the really cool swimsuit were on the more expensive side. I bought an expensive one piece swimsuit two years ago. I wore the snot out of it and felt great. To me, it was worth it.

Steal Version:

White Swimsuit

My white swimsuit:

Photos by: Traci Ling

She Said She Couldn’t Wear Flare Jeans: Challenge Accepted

Ahhhhhh! I’m so excited to share this post! The “Challenge Accepted” post idea has been in my brain for almost 2 years! So often my friends or readers say, “I can’t wear (insert article of clothing) because (you name it).” Most of the time, I know they are completely wrong, but I know what it feels like to think this, so I just nod. What I really want to do is take them shopping at that very moment to show them they can in fact wear flares, or skinny jeans, or jean shorts, etc! I can’t help it. I’m defiant in this way, but I also don’t want my friends and readers to limit themselves!

This is exactly how this post started off! I received a late night text from my friend, Jennifer (an amazing instructor at Define and the General Manager at Tanglewood Define), who was convinced she was too short to wear flare jeans. #ChallengAccepted… Watch the video to see what happened…


Not only can she wear flare jeans, but she looks freaking amazing in them. I’m just saying!
Paige Flare Jeans

Paige Flare Jeans

In this picture, she is wearing the Paige Bell Canyon in Harbor. This color is sold out most places, but I found them at Don’t worry, it’s a reputable site. I talked with their rep at the blogger conference I recently attended. It’s actually a really cool concept, but more on that later.

Denim link: Paige Bell Canyon in Harbor, in Giona, in Chocolate Brown, in Weston, in Kenna, in Nottingham

DL1961 Flare Jeans

DL1961 Flare Jeans

Here are the other jeans we found for her! These are by DL1961. They are sold out most everywhere, but I found them on Amazon!

Denim Link: DL1961 Joy Flares in Pulse, in Hail, in Nirvana, in Whitman 

And because she knows me so well, she sends me pictures of herself in the jeans! It’s crazy how much I love these pictures.

A special thanks:

Jennifer, I love you! Thank you for being such a good sport and for being my first “Challenge Accepted”! You made my 2 year dream come true!

Claire, I love you, too! Thank you for making such a fun video for us to enjoy! Where have you been all my life?! You made my 2 year dream come true, too!

Now, who wants to be the next Challenge Accepted?

First Four images by: Traci Ling

Video by Claire:

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