The Real Reason a Statement Earring is a Necessity

I love a statement earring! I have good memories of going through my mom’s jewelry when I was young, and I also have good memories of watching her try on different earrings to see which one made her outfit. And that’s just it- accessories always make my outfits. But, if you ask me, the best part is that when they are unique enough, they can put a pep in your step or act as an instant ice breaker. I learned this the night I wore big, blue fur ball statement earrings. I had the best time because my earrings served as an instant ice breaker and conversation starter. This might be cheesy to say, but the next time you’re gearing up to go to an event where you might not know anyone or it’s kinda intimidating for any given reason, try wearing a really fun accessory. If nothing else, you’ll feel good and hopefully they’ll serve as a conversation starter. So if you ask me, a statement earring is a necessity! I think I may have just convinced myself to buy at least two new pairs of these statement earrings! Ha! Which one is your favorite?

All The Ways I Wouldn’t Normally Think To Wear A Jacket

I must admit, I used to put way too much thought into wearing jackets. I would think things like, “I can’t wear this jacket, it doesn’t match my outfit. I can’t wear this jacket, the shirt under is too bulky and/or long for the jacket. I can’t wear this jacket, it’s too casual for the outfit.” I was overthinking it! I was reminded of all of these thoughts when I was getting dressed on this day. I love my new ruffle sweatshirt, and for half a second I thought, I can’t wear a jacket over my ruffle sweatshirt because it’s too bulky and the jacket will cover the ruffle. Well, I’m glad I’ve given up my overthinking tendencies for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is style. For one, it’s liberating, but it’s also stylish. Some of the most stylish women you see throw things together out of necessity, and not only does it work, but it looks effortless and chic. Check out all the ways I wouldn’t normally think to wear a jacket but that look so on point:Outfit Links: Jacket- Michael Kors for similar, Sweatshirt- Love, Fire, Pants- Here and here for similar, Shoes-Kenneth Cole for similar, Sunglasses- Celine, Watch- Kate Spade

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A jacket worn under a coat. <photo source>

A jacket worn on top of a long cardigan. <photo source>

A jacket worn on top of a crisp blouse paired with sandals.  <photo source>

A jacket worn on top of an extremely chunky turtleneck.  <photo source>

A jacket worn as a statement piece.  <photo source>

A jacket worn as a shirt. <photo source>

If I didn’t convince you of the importance of jackets in your wardrobe in last Wednesday’s post, maybe this post did -ha!

Here are my favorite jackets in my wardrobe.

C. Style pictures by Traci Ling

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