The Best Jean Find EVER

Articles of Society JeansMy sister and I went shopping and came across the best jean find EVER!!! Shall we call it, EPIC?! Just kidding, every time I use that word I feel old. This jean find reminds me of the white jean find from Old Navy 4 years ago, but this one is better because it comes in more than one color and style. We found three different pairs that we LOVE by the same brand! Articles of Society JeansCan you believe these jeans are $38?!? They look phenomenal on my sister! Articles of Society JeansHere I am in the same pair. I love the color and the raw hem. We both purchased a size 25, but I wish I had gone down a size because they stretch out. Articles of Society Jeans

Then we found a pair of white jeans! We have both been searching for different looking white skinny jeans. We are a little tired of the same old white skinny jeans we’ve worn for the last three summers. That’s why this pair of distressed white jeans with a raw edge were so perfect for my sister. Unfortunately the knee holes hit mid thigh on my 5′ 8″ frame, so I ended up ordering these….


Articles of Society jeans

Truth be told, after our EPIC shopping trip, I order 7 different pairs of white jeans at various price points. Guess which ones were the winners?!? Yup, the Article of Society pair! I’ve been wanting to try the cropped flare trend, and these are perfect because of the price point. I’m loving them! I should have ordered a size down since they stretch out. Maybe I should buy two pairs! You know how dirty white jeans get?!? Ok, I just did. I convinced myself.

Articles of Society Jeans

We keep texting each other pictures in our jeans! The styles are on trend, the colors are perfect, the fit is great, and who doesn’t love the price point?!? You can check out all their jeans here.

Post Links: Blue Pair- Sarah Skinny Jean, White Distressed Pair- Sarah Distressed Skinny Jean, White Cropped Pair- London Crop Flare Jean, Tee – Junk Food, Sneakers – Saucony, for Similar HERE, Earrings – MISA

Guess what else we found on our EPIC shopping trip? The best basic tee EVER! HA! Stay posted on Friday!

Photos by: Traci Ling

#RainbowEverything: Only The Best.

Gap Rainbow SwimsuitI am freaking out over this rainbow trend. Rainbows take me back to childhood and “Rainbow Brite”! Well, and they are just pretty, happy and feminine, right? I’m freaking out so much that I bought this rainbow swimsuit for an 8 year old girl… I don’t even have an 8 year old girl! In my defense, my boys do have friends that are girls (not to be confused with girlfriends -ha!) who come over to swim often and sometimes they need a swimsuit. So maybe I’m not totally crazy… Nope, I’m totally crazy over rainbows. Here’s what I’ve purchased so far:

Product Links: Popover – J. Crew, Tee – Junk Food, Swimsuit – Gap, Cup – Kate Spade

I freaked out when I saw this rainbow tee at Nordstrom. I was shopping with my sis when we ran into a friend, and all three of us decided we “needed” this tee. In fact, we had a conversation about how nostalgic rainbows are and how we loved them. Then my friend commented on IG “#RainbowEverthing”, so I obviously had to steal her hashtag and write about our conversation! I also love my rainbow cup. It makes drinking the iced coffee I make at home as fun as getting one at Starbucks! I loved my rainbow cup so much, I bought two- one for me and one for my friend as a sussy! The colorful popover is just so easy and pretty. I’m all about easy shirts. Head to Instagram to see me wearing this popover in an #ootd.

Now that you know what rainbow items I’ve already purchased, let me share with you everything else rainbow I really want. And let me just ask this- is rainbow really a trend? I mean, it’s an actual thing, so by definition it isn’t a trend, right? Well, that’s what I’m going to tell myself because I really want all of these items!

I may have already purchased the workout leggings. Ok, I did. Oh, and my friend has the butterfly rainbow shoes. It doesn’t really matter what you wear on top if you are wearing those shoes, right?

Photo by: Traci Ling


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