Painless Water Intake + A Few Favorite Finds

Painless Water Intake and a Couple Favorite Finds

I love Coca-Cola! I used to have a Coke and peanut M&M’s for breakfast. I know, can you believe? I also used to pour Coke into a wine glass when the boys would go down for naps as a little pick me up. Anyway, I can’t drink Coke like I used to. For one thing, diabetes runs in my family, but it also makes my stomach bubble and all the unwanted effects that come with that, and it gives me lumps in my breast. NOOOOOOO!!!!!

About a year ago, I went to see a friend for some health stuff. She asked me how much water I drank, and I was comfortable enough to say, “Water? Oh, I don’t drink water.” That’s when she gave me a big ole sheet about the benefits of drinking water. It was obvious, my days of just drinking Coke were over. So we started buying La Croix by the cases! WAWAWA. I mean, they’re great and all, but I got sick of them. Then I happened upon the best drink ever. I mix a splash of lemonade with sparkling mineral water, and it’s amazing! I think there is something in the mineral water that goes really well with the lemonade and makes it taste so good!  And the best part? I drink a ton of it all throughout the day! I’m getting my water intake, and it’s painless! Another good thing? My boys and friends love it, too! It has become my signature drink! I sound so fancy, like the Barefoot Contessa or something! Ha! Oh, and just in case you are wondering, tequila taste pretty good in it, too. Look, I have a signature cocktail, too!

And here are a few favorite finds from my shopping excursions:
Ballgame Striped TeeTop- Stateside;  Sunglasses- Celine

Yes, I totally wear my sunglasses in the dressing room at all times. Just kidding. Hmmmm, I wonder if I could be onto something with this. Anyway, I digress. I love this t-shirt. In fact, I passed it up because I thought it was just a blue and white striped tee, and I didn’t need it. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it and how I could wear it with so much, so I went back and bought it. Look how cute it looks with black jeans. It would also be super cute with blue distressed jeans, like Diane Kruger is wearing in this pin. It would pretty much go with anything. I’m wearing an xs.

Top- Maeve

I have this thing for pretty white tops. I could probably start an entire blog based solely on pretty white tops! Maybe I’ll start a hashtag instead- #prettywhitetops ha! I They’re easy to love because they go with everything and are so feminine and fresh! I like to feel feminine and fresh. OMG, I am laughing. Anyway, I found this one, and I plan on wearing it a ton. I am wearing an xs.

bobble pullover sweaterTop- Madewell

Have you ever seen a cuter cream sweater? I mean, it’s not just a cream sweater, it’s a cream sweater with pom poms. I’m in. I’m wearing an xs.




Here’s a post to try and help us get dressed in the morning (or whenever you get dressed… no judgment here -ha!). But, I need your help!! See bottom of the post for for details.

Outfit Links: Dress- J. Crew here and here; Shoes- Adidas; Watch- Kate Spade; Earrings- Similar here; Necklace- Similar here, and here


Outfit Links: Top- Madewell here and here; Pants- J. Crew; Jacket- Similar here and here; Shoes- Similar here and here;  Watch- Kate Spade;  Mascara- L’ Oreal; Hair- Conair


Outfit Links: Dress- Similar here, here and here; Shoes- Similar here and here; Purse- Rebecca Minkoff; Watch- Kate Spade; Bracelet- Miansai; Earrings- Similar here



Outfit Links: Top- Similar here and here; Jeans- 7 For All Mankind; Sneakers- Madewell x Saucony; Jacket- Similar here and here;  Watch- Kate Spade; Bracelets- Madewell; Earrings- Nadri; Ring- Nadri; Purse- Rebecca Minkoff


Outfit Links: Top- Similar here, here and here;  Jeans- J Brand; Shoes- Nike; Jacket- Madewell; Watch- Kate Spade; Earrings- Similar here ; Bracelet- Miansai; Purse- Rebecca Minkoff


Outfit Links: Top- Madewell; Leggings- Onzie here and here; Shoes- Mizuno or here and here; Jacket- Similar here; Earrings- Similar here

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Outfit Links: Top- J. Crew; Jeans- AG; Shoes- Similar here and here; Watch- Kate Spade


Outfit Links: Jeans- Joe’s; Top- Madewell; Shoes- here and here; Earrings- Madewell


Outfit Links: Top- Style Mafia; Pants- J. Crew;  Shoes- Puma; Watch- Kate Spade; Earrings- Nadri


Outfit Links: Top- Madewell; Jeans- 7 For All Mankind; Shoes- Puma; Watch- Kate Spade; Earrings- Argento Vivo; Necklace- Lulu DK


Outfit Links: Jeans- Paige here, here, here, here, and here; Shoes- Kristin Cavallari

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