What I Wore: Colorado Recap

Colorado Recap

There is so much good stuff in this post- my new favorite top to wear with leggings, my favorite backless workout tank, and the power of a pretty white top in a wardrobe. Plus, I’ve updated the links to the items that were sold out! I had so much fun in Colorado, but it’s good to be home! Am I becoming a homebody? Ha! Oh, and thanks to all of you who followed along on Instagram. That was fun! I felt connected to you all, even while I was away!


This is what I wore on the 4th of July. It also happened to be our travel day. Can we just talk about how great of a color combination red, white and blue is? When in doubt, red, white and blue your outfit.

Outfit Links: Top – J. Crew, for similar here, Sneakers – New Balance, here and here, Earrings – Madewell, Necklace – Lulu DK, Necklace – Roberto Coin, Luggage – Rimowa, for similar here


As soon as we got to Colorado, we went on a hike. It’s a good thing I had my tennis shoes on. Truth be told, that was no mistake – I knew we would be doing some kind of activity as soon as we got there. I tried to be prepared.

Sneaker Links: New Balance, here and here


Accessory Links: Earrings – Madewell, Watch – Kate Spade, Necklace – Lulu DK, Cuff – MantraBand, Sweater- Old

It felt good to get dressed for dinner after being in workout clothes most of the time. If you ask me, the accessories made this outfit.

I wore my favorite backless tank almost every day on the trip. After staring at the top of the girl working out in front of me and searching for the brand the entire workout, I finally figure out where it was from! I headed straight to the store and purchased four of these tops! They were perfect for Colorado!

Outfit Links: Top – GapFit, Sports Bra – for similar, here, Leggings – Onzie


I had another learning on this trip. When one packs for Colorado, not only do you need workout wear, but you need a backpack. There is something about going hiking while carrying a purse that doesn’t quite work. Ha!

Outfit Links: Top – GapFit, Sports Bra – Onzie, Leggings – Zella, Jacket – Zella, Sneakers – Nike, Backpack – TOMS


I was so excited to get “dressed up”  and go on an “adult dinner” that I curled my hair!

Outfit Links: Top – Club Monaco, for similar here, Jacket – Madewell, here and here, Jeans – Citizens of Humanity, here and here, Sandals – Mossimo, Tote – Antonello Tedde, for similar here and here, Necklace – Lulu DK

This is the same outfit as the previous picture, but this picture shows the power of a pretty white top in your wardrobe. My outfit is pretty regular (jeans and sandals), but what makes this outfit is the pretty white top.

Here are a few pretty white tops:




Outfit Links: Leggings – Free People, Sneakers – Saucony, for similar here


I found the best new top for leggings! It covers both front and back! I sloppy tucked it, but it covers completely when untucked! 😉 I found it in black, and I linked it on Instagram. Then it sold out, but I found it again! Updated link below!

Outfit Links: Top – Michael Stars- (available) here and (sold out) here, Leggings – Onzie, Sports bra – Commando for similar, Sneakers – New Balance, here and here, Sunglasses – Celine, Bag – TOMS

These pics are not from Colorado, but they are from the days leading up to it. Plus, they restocked the camo leggings!!!


I am loving these camo leggings. Stay tuned for a “Everyday Twisty Hair Tutorial!”

Outfit Links: Top – Onzie, Sports Bra – Commando, Leggings – Onzie, Jacket – Zella, Sneakers – Nike


We took my son to The Lion King for his birthday. This is what I wore. Later, we took him to play video games, so I changed into my red tennis shoes.

Outfit Links: Top – J. Crew, Shoes – M. Gemi

That’s my Colorado recap by outfits! If you all want to hear more about my trip, like recommendations, what we did in a camera roll type post, let me know. I couldn’t figure out if a post like that would be like a boring slideshow of your relative’s trip. Ha!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts this week. Let me know if you guys have any special requests!

What I Wore: Dallas #rStheCon

From left to right: Me, Sheaffer (Sheaffer Told Me To), Cassie (Hi Sugarplum), and Megan (Honey We’re Home)

Last weekend, I attended a blogger conference (#rStheCon) in Dallas, and I had a delightful time with my roommates. I don’t get to see these ladies very often, and I just love the time I get to spend with them. All three of these ladies are so encouraging, and that’s what I love about them. They are like cheerleaders. I had such a great time!

But I have to be real with you guys, the “inadequacy monster” definitely reared its ugly head this weekend. It was far less than it has been in the past, but it was there. I’m grateful I’ve learned to fight back these feelings, and I can tell them to sit down and be quiet! But let me be real, it wasn’t just once I had to fight back. They popped up over and over again! And let me be clear, this had nothing to do with anybody else and everything to do with me. I wonder if I’ll ever grow enough personally to no longer have inadequate feelings pop up. Maybe I’ll eventually be so set on my own personal goals and so focused on my own lane that I won’t have these feelings. Maybe? Let’s hope -ha!

After the conference, I’m looking forward to making a few changes to C. Style, but only the changes that I want to make and not the ones I feel like I should make. I have to be careful because “shoulds” ruled my life for way too long. I drove myself crazy with “shoulds.” I should do this… I should do that… I never even thought about whether I needed or wanted to do something!

Anyway, that’s just a little bit about what was going on on the inside for me in these pics. Now let’s see what was going on on the outside. That’s way more fun, right?

Here’s what I wore:
Tuckernuck Top

This is what I wore for my travel day in the car. Does it look familiar? Ha! I did change my earring since the last post. This earring is way lighter and was more comfortable for the drive from Houston to Dallas. I’ll save my other red earrings for special occasions!

Outfit Links: Top – Tuckernuck (xs), Jacket – Madewell (small), Jeans – Citizens of Humanity, for similar HERE, Sandals – K. Jacques (tts), Earrings – @luckypeacockdesigns

Dodo Bar Or Maxi Dress

I wore this to the pool party the first night. I’ve never received so many compliments in my life. Fashion bloggers are so generous with compliments. It’s quite endearing.

Outfit Links: Dress – Dodo Bar Or (small), HERE and HERE, Bag – Otaat/Myers, for similar HERE and HERE, Earrings – Tuckernuck, for similar HERE and HERE, Sunglasses – Celine, Lip color – NARS

Ruffle Sleeve Top

The next day, I wore my new $69 top! I told myself I would not buy a cold shoulder top or billowy sleeve top this season because I knew they would go out of style very quickly.  Then I found this top and it was cute, $69, and I felt fantastic in it. I was SOLD!

Outfit Links: Top – J.O.A. (xs), Jeans – J. Crew (24, one size down), Sandals – K. Jacques (tts), Earrings – J. Crew

Ruffle Sleeve TopFirst of all, this pose is a total joke. I was being silly, but it ended up being the best picture of my outfit. Ha! Anyway, I love to transition my outfits from day to night, but I can’t take credit for this look! My friend came over and helped me pack (what a good friend, huh?), and she said, “What about that top tucked into a skirt?” Genius!!! I love the way it turned out. I tried it with my pleated black leather skirt, but the curvy hem of this skirt went better with the curvy lines of my blouse.

OutfitLinks:  Top – J.O.A.(xs), Skirt -similar Cece, Shoes – Sam Edelman (tts), Earrings – Misa, for similar HERE

Distressed Jeans

I wore this outfit all day on Friday. I bought this white top for the conference, and I’m loving it! I love the price point for the statement sleeve trend. Plus, it’s a relaxed fit, which is nice… just sayin’. But, I did sloppy tuck it to define my waistline. It’s funny to me how you can really spice up an outfit with little touches like distressed jeans, a statement sleeve, pretty sandals and a fun earring, because this outfit is basically just a white top and jeans.

Outfit Links: Top – Topshop (4US), Jeans – for similar PaigeHERE and HERE, Sandals – K. Jacques (tts), Earrings – Mercedes Salazar

Donald Robertson Rainbow Tee

This outfit happened accidentally. I brought both tops to wear during down time. Then a cold front came in, and I was freezing the entire day because I was completely unprepared for cold weather. That evening I decided to get creative with layering for warmth! I ended up layering my colorful popover under my t-shirt and my jean jacket on top. It ended up looking really cute!

Outfit Links: Top – J. Crew (2), Rainbow Tee – Junk Food (medium), Jacket – Madewell (small), Jeans – Paige, for similar HERE and HERE, Sneakers – Dolce Vita (tts), and HERE, Earrings – Genie Mack

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