Here’s a post to try and help us get dressed in the morning (or whenever you get dressed… no judgment here -ha!). But, I need your help!! See bottom of the post for for details.

Outfit Links: Dress- J. Crew here and here; Shoes- Adidas; Watch- Kate Spade; Earrings- Similar here; Necklace- Similar here, and here


Outfit Links: Top- Madewell here and here; Pants- J. Crew; Jacket- Similar here and here; Shoes- Similar here and here;  Watch- Kate Spade;  Mascara- L’ Oreal; Hair- Conair


Outfit Links: Dress- Similar here, here and here; Shoes- Similar here and here; Purse- Rebecca Minkoff; Watch- Kate Spade; Bracelet- Miansai; Earrings- Similar here



Outfit Links: Top- Similar here and here; Jeans- 7 For All Mankind; Sneakers- Madewell x Saucony; Jacket- Similar here and here;  Watch- Kate Spade; Bracelets- Madewell; Earrings- Nadri; Ring- Nadri; Purse- Rebecca Minkoff


Outfit Links: Top- Similar here, here and here;  Jeans- J Brand; Shoes- Nike; Jacket- Madewell; Watch- Kate Spade; Earrings- Similar here ; Bracelet- Miansai; Purse- Rebecca Minkoff


Outfit Links: Top- Madewell; Leggings- Onzie here and here; Shoes- Mizuno or here and here; Jacket- Similar here; Earrings- Similar here

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Outfit Links: Top- J. Crew; Jeans- AG; Shoes- Similar here and here; Watch- Kate Spade


Outfit Links: Jeans- Joe’s; Top- Madewell; Shoes- here and here; Earrings- Madewell


Outfit Links: Top- Style Mafia; Pants- J. Crew;  Shoes- Puma; Watch- Kate Spade; Earrings- Nadri


Outfit Links: Top- Madewell; Jeans- 7 For All Mankind; Shoes- Puma; Watch- Kate Spade; Earrings- Argento Vivo; Necklace- Lulu DK


Outfit Links: Jeans- Paige here, here, here, here, and here; Shoes- Kristin Cavallari

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Suffer for Fashion?

J. Crew

I recently sprained my ankle very badly (you can kinda see it in this picture). Not only is my ankle swollen and black and blue, my entire foot is, too. My recent break from the blog and my ankle sprain forced me to realize that the pace of my life had become unmanageable and way too fast. I didn’t realize how much I go, go, go. I would rush from one thing to the next. I didn’t even have time to talk on the phone with my friends! I needed to slow down. Plus, what was all the rushing around for anyway? I now know why I was doing it, but more on this later. Now I’m taking things slow, and I’m reveling in it! I am more present for my boys, my husband, and my friends.

J. Crew

Anyway, I had two important events on my calendar that I wanted to go to. One was a luncheon and the other was a cocktail event. Well, if there is one thing I won’t do, it’s suffer for fashion! Ok, I  guess we all consider suffering to be different things, like I don’t consider wearing a bra or wearing tight jeans suffering for fashion. Ha! As a stylist, if a client felt uncomfortable or fidgeting in an outfit, I would immediately have her take it off and we would start over. J. Crew

There is nothing worse than constantly tugging or adjusting your outfit. It sets the tone for how you feel and act. There is also nothing worse than sticking your swollen, black and blue foot into heels or dress flats. So by golly, I was not going to suffer for fashion! Instead, I took a risk and wore sneakers to both events. Truthfully it was a calculated risk because sneakers are on trend right now. In NYC, people wouldn’t bat an eye, but I’m in conservative Houston, Texas. My intention was not really to make a fashion statement, although I got a ton of compliments (thank you to all my friends), but it was to be comfortable. Plus, I had a good excuse. Truth be told, once I can, I’ll wear my heels or dressy flats to those types of events again because that’s what makes me feel comfortable. Ok, if I get a wild hair, I may push the envelope again. Ha!
J. Crew

All that to say, we do not need to suffer for fashion. In this day and age, it’s backwards! Who cooks dinner in heels anymore?!

Luncheon Outfit Links: Top- J. Crew; Skirt- J. Crew; Shoes- Puma by Madewell; Purse- Similar here or here; Earrings- Similar here and here

Cocktail Outfit Links: I wore this dress with these sneakers.

Pictures by Traci Ling


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