What I Wore: Boston

Free People Drape Front Coated Jacket

Boston is officially my favorite city (other than my hometown of Houston). My husband grew up outside of Boston, so I have been fortunate to visit Boston more than a few times. Every time we go, I’m amazed with how much I love the city.

I used to not like it as much because the people weren’t as friendly as the people of the “friendly south.” However, in my old age, I’ve put a different spin on it. I’ve decided that they are just being “real”, and that’s ok with me. As long as you’re real and not mean, I’m ok with that. In fact, at this point, I prefer it.

If you’ve never been to Boston, you should go. It’s a smaller metropolitan city that has some really beautiful neighborhoods filled with picturesque brownstones. For someone who loves to learn, the historic nature of Boston is right up my alley, and the shopping is great, too. The weather is wonderful this time of year, and there are some beautiful parks and outdoor cafes to take full advantage of it. To me, it’s the most similar to a European city that you can get in the US, and there is nothing like a Red Sox game at Fenway. The loyalty of the fans is unique and invigorating. See, I love Boston. Anyway, check it out if you haven’t been. Here’s what I wore.

Free People Drape Front Coated JacketOutfit Links: Top- Similar here and here; Jacket- Free People; Jeans- 7 For All Mankind; Shoes- Adidas; Purse- Similar here and here; Earrings- Nadri; Ring- Nadri; Necklaces- Bony Levy and  Argento Vivo here and here; Watch- Kate Spade

SINCERELY JULES Quilted Bomber JacketOutfit Links: Top- Sincerely Jules; Jacket- Sincerely Jules; Pants- J. Crew; Shoes- Adidas; Watch- Kate Spade; Earrings- Nadri; Sunlgasses- Ray-Ban;

rag & bone/JEAN 'Ainsley' V-Neck SweaterOutfit Links: Sweater- rag & bone; Jeans- Similar here, here and here; Shoes- Puma by Madewell; Purse- Similar here and here; Watch- Kate Spade; Sunglasses- Ray-Ban


I’m taking a little break from the blog for the next week. I’m taking a hint from Bostonians, and instead of acting like I’m in the mood to write and think about clothes, I’m taking a break. My husband lost his grandfather and my sister is having surgery. I want to be fully present for both of them and my family during this time. I probably won’t be on Instagram much either.  We will all be fine, because we are in God’s hands. Say a little prayer for us. Lots of love to each and every one of you. I mean it.



Just in case you missed it…

J. Crew BOYFRIEND SHIRT IN CERULEAN PLAIDOutfit Links: Top- J.Crew (Similar here); Jeans- 7 For All Mankind; Shoes- Madewell x Saucony; Sunglasses- Ray Ban; Watch- Kate Spade; Purse- Rebecca Minkoff


My Favorite Workout Pants

Ownzie Pant

On Friday, approximately 45 people and I rode at Soul Cycle for the girls of LifeHouse Houston. Blogging has brought so many unique opportunities to me, and this one was by far at the tip top of my list. When you get a chance to go beyond yourself on so many different levels, it becomes an experience. It’s a good thing it was dark, because I cried while riding. This is no surprise, since I’m a crier- ha! Thanks to all of you who showed up. I am grateful.


Ownzie Pant img_9804

At the ride, I was asked repeatedly about my new snake leggings, which was nice and convenient because my next post was going to be about my very favorite work out pants! I bought my first pair of Onzie (own-zee) pants at Nordstrom a few years ago because I loved their graphic designs (post here). I fell in love with them then, but now it’s the only thing I’ll wear. I’ll dig around in my drawer until I find a pair of Onzie’s. And for this reason…

Ownzie Pant

…I just keep buying more. I can’t help myself! Here’s why: They are made of what they call “free-flow fabric technology”, and while I’m not sure what that is exactly, I do know what it means to me. It is a lightweight, silky fabric that isn’t too hot to wear when you workout. In fact, the fabric gets cold when you sweat, which feels so nice. Oh, and it doesn’t show sweat lines. Plus, I love all their fun designs. Now you know why every time I’m at Nordstrom, I make a beeline straight to the Onzie section to see if any new leggings are out.

Ownzie Pant


I really loved the colorful arrows on these leggings.
Ownzie Pant

But, of course, I couldn’t stop there, because I saw this darling top I could throw on over my work out tanks for when I’m out and about. The back is open, which I love. It looks really great if you are wearing a work out tank that has a fun back (click here to see the open back). Well, if you are looking for some new work out pants, look no further than the Onzie section at Nordstrom. Soon you will be digging through your drawer for your own Onzie’s!

First outfit:

Outfit Links: Tank- Alo; Leggings- Onzie; Shoes- Nike; Sports Bra- Zella (similar here); Sunglasses- Ray Ban

Second outfit:

Outfit Links: Tank- Under Armour (similar here); Leggings- Onzie; Shoes- Nike; Crop Top- Zella; Sports Bra- Zella (similar here); Sunglasses- Ray Ban

This post was sponsored by Nordstrom, a brand that I use, know and love. Thank you to my readers for trusting C. Style and its content. I only accept collaborations I know my readers will appreciate.

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