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What is C. Style?

C. Style is a fashion, life, and style journal. My desire is to share honest and relatable inspirations that fit life’s everyday messiness. I approach life and style from the inside out.

What is my style?

I approach style from the inside out. It doesn’t really matter what I wear because if I don’t feel confident in it, or if I am wearing it because I think I’m supposed to, it doesn’t feel like me and I don’t feel good. When you feel good, you look good. And yet, on the blah days, it can help me feel good to look good. The good news here is that I believe anyone can wear whatever they want, because style is as an attitude as much as anything. It’s about how you live. Which is why I share about more than just clothes on this blog. Personally, I like to wear practical outfits that don’t look like I’m trying to hard. There’s a healthy rebellion in what I wear, as well. I can’t help it! It’s me giving the finger to my old perfectionist ways– ha! I look for versatility, quality and cost-per-wear. I enjoy mixing high priced items with lower priced items. I don’t care where something is from, as long as adding it to my wardrobe makes sense. Oh, and I love a good accessory.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by style and life epiphanies. These “ephiphanies” (sorry for the super cheesy word, but I couldn’t come up with anything better) can happen during a brief encounter with a stranger, reading a link or quote my sister sends, a long conversation with a friend, or while reading a comment from one of you. These little epiphanies are what make me tick, and I love sharing them! Please keep them coming! I’m inspired most by being with people. I don’t create well alone.

How do you juggle life, blog, and being a mom?

I have lots of help! I learned to ask for help the hard way, through a lot of sleepless nights thinking I could do it all and failing miserably! I was so exhausted! Now, I ask for help. There are a lot of people who can do jobs better than I can, so why not ask them to help me?! I have a team that consists of the brightest minds in their fields! I’m so thankful that they share their strengths with me! None of them work for me full-time, but I wish they did -ha! THEY make it all possible! Truth be told, things definitely slip through the cracks all the time, like all. the. time.

How do you make money?

When I was working with clients, I was paid hourly. I would shop with them, help them clean out their closets, come up with great outfits, and share styling tips and tricks! The blog allows me to do the same, but it’s with all of you! When you purchase using a link on the blog, I get a very small commission, pennies on the dollar. It actually doesn’t cost you anything. Yay! I just share what I love and the coordinating links. It’s a win-win. Sometimes brands will ask me to share a particular item or deal with you (aka “collaborations”). I will always tell you in the post if this is the case (ie. This brand asked me to look at this or that). I’m extremely picky when it comes to collaborations. I don’t post things I don’t like, obviously. I am and always will be an open book. It’s who I am.