#NSale2017 Update

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Moto LeggingsI know we could all use a break from me after I was constantly in your feed for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last week, but the #NSale officially starts tomorrow, so I wanted to give you a quick update! I’ve had so much fun reading what you guys are liking. Thanks for your comments! They make me feel connected! I’m headed on a trip with my husband without the kids this weekend. Wahoo!…and then sniff, sniff.  If you’d like to follow along, head to my Instagram account. Otherwise, I’ll do a trip recap when I get back! These under $30 moto leggings were perfect for my travel day! #travelwear Can I make up a new clothing type called “travel-wear”?

Outfit Links: Leggings – Nordstrom, Sneakers – Nike

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

In the meantime, if you’d like to shop my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks, I’ve added an easy-to-get-to button on my menu bar, “#NSale Picks.” It has all the links to each #NSale post and all the picks in one place.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’ve been wearing my new purchases like crazy. I’m one of those dorky people who likes to wear my new clothes immediately. I still can’t believe this top is less than $40!! Doesn’t it look like Tibi?! Or am I crazy? These jeans are the perfect, casual blue.

Outfit Links: Top – Halogen, Jeans – AG, Sandals – K. Jacques

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I think I could wear a pretty white top and jeans every single day of my life. Ok, I might get a little bored of it. Anyway, when in doubt, throw on a pretty white top! I’m loving this shoe and jean combo. It’s edgy yet feminine, and I’m especially loving the shoes! The price is right, and they make me feel like a graceful, feminine, ballerina…even if I’m the most clumsy person you’ve ever met. No, seriously.

Outfit Links: Top – Halogen, Jeans – Paige, Shoes – Treasure & Bond, Earrings – Nadri

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Rebecca Minkoff Backpack

I’m surprised by how much I’m using this backpack. It looks really cute with all my workout wear, and I’m loving it for travel. I love to be hands-free, and I realized the power of a backpack on my recent trip to CO. Anyway, I’m loving it.

Rebecca Minkoff Medium Julian Metallic Leather Backpack

Side note:

I had a learning moment, and I have to tell you about it. Long story short, the day before I left for my trip, I dropped my boys off at my sister’s, dropped the dog off at the boarder’s, and my husband was out of town, so I had the house all to myself! All to myself! No dog barking needing to go out, no kiddo yelling, “Mommy!” How great is that?!?! Well, you know what? I was lonely. L.O.N.E.L.Y.  So lonely, I called my sister for a pep talk. I eventually got into the groove after journaling a bit and watching Super Soul Sunday, but it was weird. It was like I was in one of those movies where you catch a glimpse of your life in an altered state. I missed it all! I missed the “Mommy!”, I missed the dog looking at me, and I even missed my very tense, travel husband (We usually have to leave the house at least 3 hours before the flight. Hahahaha!). Anyway, what I realized is that all of those imperfections, the dog barks and the kiddo’s screams, are part of this beauti(full) life, and I need to embrace them better. I need to remind myself to be grateful in those moments, instead of being so mad and frustrated (hard to admit)! I need to give myself and those around me a little more grace in those moments. Because when it’s gone, it’s quite lonely. So when I get home, for the first five minutes, I’ll be grateful for the chaos. Just kidding, for the first ten minutes. Hahaha!

But for now, I’ll enjoy my vacation without the kids and the dog with my relaxed, vacation husband.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Bags, Accessories, Undies & Other Goodies

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Chantelle

I’m so excited to share this Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post with you all because it has some really fun and different finds! This is kind of a favorites catch-all post. It’s a post of all my favorites, but I didn’t have enough of each item to put them into a category.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Chantelle

For instance, these undies. Unlike all of the other “best” full coverage undies that claim to not ride up or show panty lines, these actually don’t. About a month ago, after being disillusioned by all the false claims from different underwear brands, I decided to find a pair on my own. Frankly, shopping for bras and undies doesn’t do it for me. So, I had the sales associate show me all of the undies she liked. Most of the time, I would just say, “No, I’ve tried those.” Then we got to this pair…

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Chantelle

The sales associate said the band at the edge keeps them from riding up, but I wondered if the band would cause panty lines. Well, I’m happy to report that it doesn’t. I wore these undies with my thinest leggings, and there were no panty lines! THERE WERE NO PANTY LINES! WAHOO! AND they did not ride up on the side. Truth be told, I can’t stand spending a lot of money on underwear. I’d probably just continue to buy my Hanes Her Way undies from Target, but now that I know these actually work and I can get them for a better price, I’m dropping the hammer. My undie drawer is getting an update!

Chantelle Intimates Seamless Bikini – One size fits all!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hanky Panky Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hanky Panky

This is for all my Hanky Panky fans! It’s time to stock up! And can I just say, I love that they are one size fits all. It sure does take the guess work out of the purchase.

Hanky Panky Regular Rise Lace Thong– One size fits all!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Nadri Bracelets

Nadri gets me every time. Nadri makes such good quality products, and I love to get them at a discount. I love these dainty bracelets. They look pretty stacked…

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Nadri Bracelets

…but I like them alone as well.

Nadri Bar Station Bracelet

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Nadri Earrings

I’ve been looking for some studs that are small enough to wear while I work out but still make a statement! Oh, and I’m wearing them wrong but who cares!? I love them both ways!

Nadri Edwardian Ear Crawlers

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Nadri Bracelet

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Nadri Bracelet

If you’re not really an accessory person because you don’t like having to think about what goes, this cuff is your answer. It makes a statement and goes with everything.

Nadri Pavé Crystal Bangle

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Loren Hope Earrings

These earrings are just cool. I’ve been looking for a light statement earring that is not a color statement. Boom.

Loren Hope Glen Fringe Earrings

You can see all the jewelry included in the #NSale (here) and the fine jewelry (here).
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Rebecca Minkoff bags

I’ve always loved Rebecca Minkoff’s backpacks, but the colors that were offered never spoke to me. Well, leave it to the metallic gold to speak to me -ha! I love it! It’s edgy and something different! I’m usually so practical with my purse picks.

Rebecca Minkoff Medium Julian Metallic Leather Backpack

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Madewell Tote

I’m digging this updated look to the ever practical and reliable Madewell tote! I’m thinking about getting it as a work bag.

Madewell Paint Stripe Transport Leather Tote

I have this bag in beige suede, but mine isn’t a crossbody. I love the crossbody update! I like this bag because it’s big enough for all my junk, but it’s not too big. Plus, I like that it doesn’t have lots of hardware or emblems, which means it will stay in style longer.

ALLSAINTS Mast Crossbody Tote

You can see all the bags included in the #NSale (here).

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Barefoot Dreams Blanket

Since I purchased Barefoot Dream sweaters for my family a couple of Christmases ago, I think I’ll order these blankets for their Christmas presents this year! I mean, I know I need a blanket update, but I don’t want to spend my own money on it, which is always a sign (in my mind) that it will make a perfect gift!

Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Throw

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Jo Malone

I know there a lot of Jo Malone fans out there, so this is for you! I personally can’t wait to smell you. It’s funny, I love the way perfumes smell on other people, but I rarely like the way they smell on me.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Supergoop

Oh my goodness, I bought three of these sets. The sales associate looked at me and said, “Whoa, I guess you like sunscreen.” HAHAHAHA! I then explained that it’s the only sunscreen my son doesn’t complain about. We had run out, and I’m tired, T.I.R.E.D., of listening to him complain.

Supergoop! SPF 50 Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist (3-Pack)

These items are SOLD OUT. I wanted to post them anyway, so we can be on the lookout for a restock!

I’m a big time candle person. I pretty much always have one burning in the house, and there’s a reason that diptyque candles are so popular. They smell that good. I’ve never seen the five most popular scents sold as a set! I love to use the votive size candles for my powder bath. These would make great hostess gifts!

diptyque Scented Candle Set

My friend brought this to the hotel as her overnight bag. I asked her what the middle zipper was for. She then showed me how you can unzip the middle so that the bag expands! I have a Longchamp bag but not an expandable one! I need one! Too bad it’s sold out. I’ll be stalking the site for a restock!

Longchamp “Le Pilage” Expandable Tote

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