#prettywhitetop GIVEAWAY

Anthropologie Eyelet Swing Top

To say I have a thing for pretty white tops is an understatement. My sister and I were talking about our love for the #prettywhitetop, and she said something like, “Oh yeah, they are like an L.B.D. in your wardrobe.” I think she’s onto something! I mean, what doesn’t go with a #prettywhitetop? So let’s start our own #prettywhitetop hashtag! Wouldn’t it be fun to show each other our favorite pretty white tops?!

That brings me to the GIVEAWAY! Over the next week, I will be checking the #prettywhitetop hashtag and will select a winner to receive their choice of my favorite pretty white tops (see below). I’ll post a picture of your favorite pretty white top and credit you! Here’s how to enter: post a picture of your favorite white top on Instagram or Facebook (you in the top, you in the top with a friend, the top on your bed… it’s up to you), tag me, and use the #prettywhitetop hashtag! If you have a private account, screenshot your entry and DM me. You’ll have 7 days to enter, and I’ll announce the winner next Monday.

Styling note: When I wear white tops that you can see through, like the one pictured, I’ll wear a skin colored camisole so I don’t take away from the top.

Here are a few of my favorites:

How To Get A Short Bob Without Touching The Scissors

Sweater- Club Monaco, Skirt- J.Crew, Shoes- Sam Edelman, Ring- Nordstrom for similar

Just in case you are wondering why in the world I am sitting on a piece of furniture for this picture, let me explain. I wanted to show you guys my birthday dinner outfit and how I styled my new sweater from Wednesday’s post, but everywhere we (Traci and I) tried to take a picture ended up looking so… I don’t know… boring and staged. That’s how I ended up sitting on a piece of furniture. Ha!

Anyway, I decided to get cute for my birthday dinner, and by cute, I mean dressed up. And by dressed up, I mean wearing something other than pants/jeans. I tucked my new sweater into a leather skirt I already had. I knew I wanted to show off the collar of my new sweater, but I didn’t want to wear my usual bun. When I was trying this shirt on, my hair got tucked into the shirt (you can see it in Wednesday’s post), and I thought it looked so cute! I wanted to replicate the look but not permanently (as in no scissors were involved)…been there, done that. Well, I loved the way it turned out, and it was so easy!

Here’s my “short bob” that showed off my collar but involved no scissors!

First, I gathered my hair into a loose bun at the nape of my neck. I ended up re-doing this  to secure the hair on the left in the bun.

Tuck the bun under, and…

…pin it. I used two different types of pins. I stuck a few jumbo pins up the bun vertically to get the bun to stay tucked under. Then I used a few u-shaped pins and pinned them horizontally for extra security and to tuck in any strays.

If the bob is too short, just start pulling the sides down so it comes out of the bun. Viola! A short bob that showed off my collar without cutting one piece of hair. This would be a really good hack if you get a wild idea to chop your hair off.  Start with this hack and see how it goes! I decided to keep my hair long, but it was fun to change it up a bit!

Funny tidbit: My husband thought I had tucked my hair into my shirt all night and thought nothing of it. Funny thing is, I contemplated just tucking my hair into my shirt. I guess he knows me well. Ha!

Pictures by Traci Ling

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