A Fresh Perspective

J. Crew Summer ShirtOutfit Links: Top – J. Crew, Jeans – J. Crew, Sandals – K. Jacques, Earrings- Lucky Peacock Designs, Sunglasses – Celine, Bracelets – Mantra Band

This look was inspired by a text exchange with my friend, Nicole (@gobendie). She is also a stylist, and I wanted to see if she had any ideas about how I could spice up my flowy tops this summer. She suggested I tuck them in completely, instead of my usual sloppy tuck. It’s funny how a fresh perspective can make such a difference! I wish we all still lived in dorms and helped each other pick out our outfits. I guess that’s what selfies and text messages are for! Anyway, I’m still using my sloppy tuck, but I’m loving the all the way around tuck as a new (not really new at all) option! I’m always in search of fresh perspectives! Thanks, Nicole!

Let The Requirements Be The Guide

The other night, I had a really hard time figuring out what to wear to the U2 concert. I must have tried on at least 5 different outfit combinations. I needed to wear comfy shoes and clothes because we’d be walking and standing a lot. I also knew I wanted to bring a purse, but it had to be small enough to pass security (my phone is too big for my back pocket). No wonder I had a hard time figuring out what to wear! In the end, I had to let my requirements guide me. I grabbed the only purse I had that was small enough and the comfiest shoes I had that still looked hip and concert-y. They matched, so I had a start.
Next, I grabbed the accessories that matched the edgy vibe I had going with my sandals and purse. I was on my way to a look! In my mind, my outfit was already made just with the accessories, so I just paired it with a t-shirt and jeans. Surprised? Ha! I decided to go all black, but looking at this outfit, a white v-neck tee would have been just as cute! Now, this is a long way to say that the next time I am going somewhere I know my outfit is going to have a lot of requirements, I think I’ll just start there, with the required items (the comfy shoes, the small purse, the flowy top, the shorts because I’ll be hot, etc). Most of the time, all an outfit needs is a jumping off point, anyway!

Here’s a bad picture of the outfit:

Hello, sun!

Outfit Links: Top – Pam & Gela, Jeans – Paige, Sandals – Melissa & Jason Wu, Purse – Otaat/Myers Collective, Bangle – Nadri, Cuff – Nadri, Ring – Nadri, Earrings – for Similar HERE and HERE

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