All The Ways I Wouldn’t Normally Think To Wear A Jacket

I must admit, I used to put way too much thought into wearing jackets. I would think things like, “I can’t wear this jacket, it doesn’t match my outfit. I can’t wear this jacket, the shirt under is too bulky and/or long for the jacket. I can’t wear this jacket, it’s too casual for the outfit.” I was overthinking it! I was reminded of all of these thoughts when I was getting dressed on this day. I love my new ruffle sweatshirt, and for half a second I thought, I can’t wear a jacket over my ruffle sweatshirt because it’s too bulky and the jacket will cover the ruffle. Well, I’m glad I’ve given up my overthinking tendencies for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is style. For one, it’s liberating, but it’s also stylish. Some of the most stylish women you see throw things together out of necessity, and not only does it work, but it looks effortless and chic. Check out all the ways I wouldn’t normally think to wear a jacket but that look so on point:Outfit Links: Jacket- Michael Kors for similar, Sweatshirt- Love, Fire, Pants- Here and here for similar, Shoes-Kenneth Cole for similar, Sunglasses- Celine, Watch- Kate Spade

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A jacket worn under a coat. <photo source>

A jacket worn on top of a long cardigan. <photo source>

A jacket worn on top of a crisp blouse paired with sandals.  <photo source>

A jacket worn on top of an extremely chunky turtleneck.  <photo source>

A jacket worn as a statement piece.  <photo source>

A jacket worn as a shirt. <photo source>

If I didn’t convince you of the importance of jackets in your wardrobe in last Wednesday’s post, maybe this post did -ha!

Here are my favorite jackets in my wardrobe.

C. Style pictures by Traci Ling

How To Dress For The Ball Fields

Wide brim hat- Brixton, White blouse- Madewell, Pink top- Anthropologie, Tennis Shoes- Madewell, Jean Jacket- Madewell, Scarf- Halogen, Floppy Hat- Helen Kaminski, Facial Spray- Supergoop!, Rain Boots- Hunter

Today, I gave a short talk on what to wear to the baseball fields. It was such an honor to support SBMSA, and to share the podium with Debbie Clemens. For me, the best part was that I had a ton of girlfriends in the audience, which made the night before jitters a little less. In fact, I joked that the items I talked about were basically a collective wisdom of the room because I pretty much asked all my friends what they considered their essentials for the ball fields. What I think is most important, and this is how I started off the talk, is that you feel comfortable in what you wear. If you feel comfortable in workout clothes, that’s what you should wear. For me, I like workout clothes and may wear those, but I also like casual clothes. In the end, I like clothes that I feel comfortable in, and my style is practical without sacrificing style. All of these items were chosen with that in mind.

First off is a sun hat. I have two sun hats that I am loving right now. The first one is a wide brim hat that comes in XS, S and M. Personally I, and a lot of my friends, have struggled with finding a hat that’s big enough and doesn’t leave you with a redline across your forehead or a headache. Well, I finally found a 24-inch hat (size M)! The second hat I’m recommending follows the floppy hat trend of the winter but for the summer. For me, I love wide brimmed hats because they protect me from the sun, but I can feel uncomfortable sitting on the bleachers next to another person while wearing one, like I might hit them with my hat. So I found this one that you can mold how you want it! You can wear it floppy or have the brim more straight, but what I like most is that you can roll it up and pack it. This allows me to put it in my purse as well as my suitcase when I go on vacation.

Speaking of protection from the sun, as some of you may know, I can be a little obsessive about sun protection because of my personal family history of melanoma. But, sun protection is also the best anti-aging thing we can do! My friend recently told me about this amazing rosemary mist facial spray with SPF. Instead of reapplying sunblock over your makeup after a long day, you just spray this on. It sets your makeup, eliminates shine, and most importantly, re-ups your SPF! Oh, and my boys love Supergroup’s Everyday Sunscreen! They request it!

There’s nothing worse than sitting at the ball field in a tight, clingy shirt and sweating. Therefore, I love to wear loose, cotton shirts. My favorite shirt is this one from Madewell, and I just picked up this one from Anthropologie.

Our baseball fields are often very muddy, so I mostly wear tennis shoes (the cuter the better). Sometimes the field can be so muddy, I wear my rain boots so I don’t ruin my cute tennis shoes. However, tall rain boots can be too hot, especially when you’re wearing jeans and your calves start to sweat. For this reason, I’m really getting into the short rain boot. Not only can you wear them with jeans and shorts, they’re cooler (as in temperature) and easier to walk in. Oh, and if you’re worried about water getting in the top, I just figured out that’s what the tab is for- to tighten the top!

I’m always grabbing a jacket when I go to the ball field because once the sun goes down, it can get unexpectedly chilly. I try to always have a jacket in my car, and this is my favorite blue jean jacket. It goes with everything.

I also keep a scarf on hand for the same reason. I especially like this one because it’s like a blanket! A lot of times I end up using it as a blanket and put it around my legs if I’m already wearing my jacket.

Other items I spoke about that are not pictured: My favorite denim shorts– I’ve posted them here. I specifically like them in white and black because in case you start sweating, they don’t show unwanted sweat marks. I also keep my favorite body spray in my glove compartment in case we’re going from the ball field to dinner and I feel like I smell. You know that sweaty, outside smell?! I also keep deodorant in my glove compartment. Wow, I guess I’m kind of smelly! See, the struggle is real! Oh well- ha!

A special thank you to my sister for taking this video and for always being next to me in life.

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