Not Your Average Easter Basket Ideas

Are you as tired as I am of putting the same ol’ stuff (candy eggs, light spinners, etc.) in Easter baskets? Well, I am especially tired of the candy (gosh, I sound like a buzz kill of a mom), but lucky for me, my sister is @tellittoyourneighbor! She’s always telling me little gems of information.Natives

For example- since our kids were little, she’s been putting Natives in her kid’s Easter baskets, and I followed suit. It was a good filler for the Easter basket, it wasn’t candy, and about this time every year, we are saying “sayonara” to winter shoes and “hola” to summer shoes. Well, I forgot to buy them last year and by the time I got around to ordering, they were sold out of my oldest son’s size everywhere! So we settled for some not so cute shoes all summer. Well, by golly, it won’t happen this year!!! We’re getting Orange Natives with glow in the dark soles! I also bought a white pair. I thought they might have that clean cut, Converse look.

Easter Basket Gifts

And if you’re looking for something cute for your little lady, how about one of these fun colorful necklaces by Gunner & Lux (a company started by a little girl and her dad). How cool is that?  And look, they made a special bunny necklace just for Easter!

Easter Basket Gifts


Is it weird that I want one? Ha! On a side note, I bought a whole bunch of Gunner and Lux necklaces to give to the little girls in our lives. I couldn’t help myself. The price was right and so was the cuteness factor.

Golden Egg

Here’s another really great idea my sister just told me about: each year she puts a “golden egg experience” in her kid’s Easter baskets. Inside the golden egg is a fun experience, like tickets to the movies or to a sporting event. Genius!!!

Thank you to my sis for always having such great ideas and sharing them with me! If you want to hear her great ideas for yourself, you can follow her @tellittoyourneighbor.

Top two images by: Traci Ling Photography


I’m All In On This Sandal Trend

pom pom sandals

For someone who relies heavily on accessories to spruce up basic outfits, this trend seems a little too perfect for me. Have you ever seen a more fun and colorful sandal trend?! I’m all in with the colorful pompom sandal trend, and the fact that they come in a variety of price points just makes me giddy! The sandals pictured above are from Target!

Which ones are calling your name? They are ALL calling mine… eeeeek! I don’t normally splurge on trends, but this trend might be too fun for me not to….

Post picture by Traci Ling

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