Everyday Outfits

everyday outfits

Happy summer, gals! I’m equal parts excited and nervous for this summer. We have a few fun trips planned, which gets me all excited because I love the anticipation! Well, and trips! But my oldest son is going to sleep away camp (say a prayer for him…and me), and I like routine, so all of this makes me a bit nervous. All that to say, I’m going back to my old school ways of blogging, which is just little bits of this and that wherever I am and whatever I’m doing. To be honest, I’m kinda excited about it! I’ve missed those old days when the kids were home and I would write posts while they were napping!

Here are a few everyday outfits to help you get dressed this summer. There are lots of easy, fun summer tops mixed with the same bottoms.

everyday outfits

Outfit Links: Top – J.O.A. (xs) , Jeans – J. Crew (I sized down one size), Sandals – K. Jacques (tts), Necklace- Ariel Gordon

I’m loving these J. Crew Toothpick Skinny Jeans. They haven’t looked good on me in the past, but it seems they have changed the material and fit because I am loving them this year! This top has been something fun to grab when I want to be a bit more dressy.

everyday outfits


Outfit Links: Top – Madewell (xxs), Jeans – Citizens of Humanity (I sized down one size), Espadrilles – Soludos (tts)

The sloppy tuck in full effect. It’s a must for me with a flowy top and baggy jeans!

everyday outfits

Outfit Links: Top – BP (xxs), Jeans – J. Crew (I sized down one size), Slides – Melissa (I sized down a half a size)

My favorite tee paired with my new favorite J. Crew Toothpick jeans and my new favorite flip-flop alternative!

everyday outfits

Outfit Links: Top – Madewell (xxs), Jeans – Citizens of Humanity (I sized down one size), Sandals – K. Jacques, Earrings – Genie Mack

A shirt that is flowy and gauzy enough so my sweat won’t show through is always a win! The sloppy tuck is in full effect again with my favorite cropped jeans.

everyday outfits

Outfit Links: Top – Madewell (xxs), Jeans – Articles of Society (I sized down one size), Sandals – K. Jacques, Earrings – Madewell

The back of this shirt is the best part!

everyday outfits

Outfit Links: Top – Madewell (xs), Jeans – J. Brand (tts), Sandals – K. Jacques, Earrings- Lucky Peacock Designs, Clutch- Sarah Sharp

This outfit just screams happy and summer to me! Is it the ruffles, the cute red earrings or the cute clutch? Just give me some chips and queso!

everyday outfits

Outfit Links: Top – Anthropologie for similar HERE, Jeans – Articles of Society (I sized down one size), Espadrilles – Soludos(tts)

I’m totally digging the white on white on white look this summer! You’ll be seeing a lot more of it!

everyday outfits

Outfit Links: Top – Junk Food (M, I sized up for a slouchy look) , Jeans – Articles of Society (I sized down one size), Sneakers – Saucony, Earrings – MISA, for Similar HERE

The cutest tee I’ve ever owned and will ever own. @donaldroberston

everyday outfits

Outfit Links: Top – J. Crew (size 2), Jeans – for Similar HERE, HERE and HERE, Espadrilles – Soludos

I can’t wait to wear this shirt as a cover-up with jean shorts this summer! It’s cotton and very lightweight.

everyday outfits

Outfit Links: Jacket – Madewell (small), Top – Bella Dahl (xs), Jeans – J. Brand (tts), Espadrilles – Soludos, Earrings – Genie Mack

When in doubt, wear blue and white.

everyday outfits

Outfit Links: Top – Alo (xs), Leggings – Free People (xs), and HERE, Sandals – Gap for similar here and here, Sunglasses – Celine

My rainbow obsession continues with these leggings!

Sunscreen My Kids Actually Like!


First of all, can I just celebrate the fact that my boys are old enough to put sunscreen on themselves?! I made it! It’s almost as exciting as the first summer both of them knew how to swim. Who am I kidding? There is nothing more exciting than that -ha! It’s a milestone for them and a HUGE mommy-made-it milestone for me. No more darting-eyed, paranoid mommy freak next to the pool!

There is only one sunscreen my boys will wear, and if I run out of it, it makes putting on sunscreen brutal. I have been a longtime fan of Supergoop for myself because it’s lightweight, it isn’t greasy, and it’s void of controversial ingredients. Naturally my boys started using my spray sunscreen instead of the kid’s squeeze bottle I purchased for them. It’s a spray, and they’re boys, so I had no chance! Obviously it turned out well for me, as you can see by the pic, because they started to spray it on themselves! Plus, it didn’t sting my son’s sensitive skin like most other sunscreens! I also love that I can reapply the spray while they’re wet!!! While they’re wet!!! I don’t have to dry them off before applying another application. Then Supergoop asked me to consider sharing their products with my readers. Being a longtime fan it was a no brainer for me, so they sent me their new mousse try.


Now this is not the look of a child fussing over putting sunscreen on his face! How nice is that?! Usually I tell him to close his eyes and hold his breath while I spray the Supergoop Spray on his face. It always makes me a little nervous, because I’m afraid he’s going to accidentally breath or open his eyes, but it got the job done. Now we have a much better solution! Maybe a little too good of a solution…Supergoop

I can already tell I’m going to have to regulate the mousse. Can you hear it? “Guys this is not a toy, that’s enough!” HAHAHA! Look how much fun they’re having?! Sure beats the alternative!SupergoopThis mousse is a hit!

Here are all the Supergoop products I own and how I use them.

I use their everyday sunscreen (pic below) mixed with my cc cream to thin out my cc cream (post here) when I know I’ll be in the sun a lot. I also carry a travel size of the everyday sunscreen in my purse to rub on my arms when I find myself in direct sun unexpectedly (restaurant patios, ball fields).

I use the spray (pic below) almost every day in the summer on myself and my boys. The best part about it is that you can reapply it when wet without first drying yourself off!

I’ve been using the Perk Up (pic below) as my lip and cheek color when I’m headed to work out. I know I will be using it all summer when I’m out by the pool or at the beach and need a little refresh or… perk up! I guess that’s why they named it that. Ha!

I use the Rosemary Misting Spray when I need to reapply my sunscreen to my face but want to take the grease off my face and get that cooling feeling. When I remember to put it in my bag, I’m a happy person.

The mousse is obviously become a family favorite! Ha!

Happy Summer, guys! Be sure to lather on the sunscreen! It’s anti-aging and potentially life saving! 



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